25 March 2013

my buddy got a camera

Lute got a camera for his birthday, which he was thrilled about.
He took 275 pictures in less than 24 hours, including 112 photos of the Monster Truck Jam Championship which was on tv this weekend. Nothing like few screen shots of the same 6 monster trucks dozens and dozens of times for your memory book.
But he also took some pretty sweet shots for a six year old, if I do say so.
Like the moment above, me and my baby boy.
Photos of his sister, his family, his favorite things.
It's fun to see him explore this side of his creativity and with so much enthusiasm.

Now we're working on choosing your very favorites for keeping and framing
and sharing with people.
I love seeing the world through his lens.
Even if it involves a few shots up his nose.
I mean, he's six. It could be worse.


  1. How precious! I'm glad he's getting the chance to explore that form of creativity! :-)

  2. oh I love that! Such a cute picture, and it's awesome to think you are shaping the person he's becoming!

  3. That is such a sweet photo!
    This made me laugh.... pictures up his nose = classic boy move.
    Love it!

  4. l o v e
    this and you and your sweet boy.