07 February 2013

what i'm {thankful} for and where i've been

Remember when I used to blog? Apparently it was time for a little break from all that.
This last week was a perfect storm of crazy, some good, some bad, all busy. All adding up to a grateful heart.
First, I rediscovered my love for passion tea lemonade, unsweetened. I think I got it three times. Which seems financially irresponsible, so I am making it at home. And it's good, I love it, and yes, I'm thankful for it.

My friend Kara, and her sweet boy came for a visit. I was thankful for our time together, thankful for her help in my crazy house, and thankful for a new little friend for my boys. 

I'm grateful for my mom and dad, who gave us a membership to the zoo and aquarium and for a sunny day this week for us to go explore. Sharks were, by far, the biggest attraction. 

In some strange apocalyptic coincidence, my computer and my ipad crashed at the same time. It was weird and I was a little panic stricken. Because I am that girl that knows she should back stuff up and then never does it. Despite my dad telling me about a million times to do it. And Nick mentioning it on the reg. So when I took my computer in and they couldn't find my hard drive I was like oh heck no. You better believe I prayed over that computer and all the photos of my kids and all the prints I've worked on over the last few months. After two days, they called to tell me they'd fixed it and everything was fine. And then I bought an external hard drive because it seemed like the right thing to do. Now you know why I wasn't around these parts. And please, back your stuff up, mkay?

I am also thankful that my boy is on antibiotics and an inhaler, which should take care of business. Poor kid has RSV and an ear infection. I'm thankful it's being taken care of and prayerful it doesn't hit the others.

I am grateful for the opportunity I had to make 250 necklaces for a charity event this week and I am also grateful they're all made, packaged and in the hands of the event coordinator. That was a big task that I am happy is complete.

I am unendingly thankful for the love of my life, who has helped me beyond measure this week, getting up with sick kids, taking Eddie to the doctor, letting me sleep when I myself didn't feel well. He's a giver to infinity.

 Whew. It's been a week.
How was yours? 


  1. What a great, busy week! I, like you, never back things up even though I think about it all the time! I need to buy an external hard drive stat!

  2. Oh, I lovelovelove that sticker on your computer! So super cute! Mine is just adorned with scratches and dints from too much love :)

  3. Oh my goodness, that makes me nervous. I know what I'll be doing tomorrow: backing everything up!

    Sounds like one crazy week ... thankful that it's coming to an end for you. On to a good weekend and time {hopefully} to relax!

  4. you are loved. hugs. prayers over eddie.

  5. :) Praising God that it all worked out for you! I didn't think apple products crashed... hmm.

  6. Dad will be so proud of you...I think this is the first bit of his advice you've taken :-)
    Be careful, before long you will be walking around with a washcloth in hand...

  7. I love Passion Tea Lemonade! I love, even more, that they write PTL on the cup :)