18 January 2013

let's have coffee (or tea or hot chocolate if you'd rather)

If I had you over for something warm to drink, I'd show off my new coasters from Paisley Sprouts when we sat down. I'd probably ask forgiveness for the noise level, as the boys ran around the table, zooming their matchbox cars and monster trucks on every open surface. I'd put out a plate of something sweet, because every coffee date should include that. I'd ask how things were going, what was new in your life. I'd probably ask your advice on potty training, if you'd ever done that sort of thing. I'd probably also apologize for my mess of house, even though I'd likely tidied up before you came.  A mama of four can only get her house so clean.

I'd tell you that since we brought Frances home, there's a new peace in our home. Peace in the midst of chaos, I guess, because it hasn't gotten any quieter. But in some lovely way, things flow more easily and everyone seems more content. Like she was the missing piece or something. I think it's true.

I'd tell you that I am itching to reopen my etsy shop, that I really miss that part of my life. I'd show you a few of the fun things I'm working on as I get ready to open up next week. I'd tell you all the details of the print shop also in the works, and how excited I am to partner up with some dear friends to bring something new and fresh and encouraging to you in the next week or so.

I'd tell you about my sudden urge to purge my house of all the unnecessary junk and old clothes and organize and fix up a few things. I have grand ideas for ways to spruce things up and get creative. So many projects. Like Frances' room, for one. Maybe the nesting instinct kicks in once you bring an adopted baby home? I am not an organizer - much to my husband's chagrin - though somewhere deep down, I long to have everything neatly displayed and labeled and put in its place. I just have no idea how to wrap my brain around such things. I'd probably ask you for a few tips, because Lord knows I need help.

I'd tell you about the things on my heart - how to love my kids better, how to be a bigger encouragement to my husband, to be more deeply invested in my prayer life, more intentional with my time.

I'd ask you what you were doing this weekend and probably shove the plate of goodies in your direction, begging you to take them with you. And then we'd hug. Obviously.

What would you tell me?

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  1. reading this made me want to go to your house really bad. i miss you.
    i would hug you, totally take your treats, high five your boys, and hold your sweet frances. i can't wait to meet her! i'm going to call you tomorrow instead of rambling on here... i have many things to ramble on about.

  2. in 2 weeks I'll be in your house sipping coffee with you for like 4 mornings in a row! eeeee <3

  3. The more I read of your blog, the more I just really, truly, like you. You are full of grace, funniness, reality, and faith. And you inspire me in my mothering. I know you don't write to have people think you're awesome, but I guess it's just a by-product!

  4. I'd love some coffee! Thank you! Also, I'm sorry I ate ALL the goodies =T They were delicious!
    I can't offer you much advice on potty training b/c I don't have children right now, but I'd encourage you that you're doing well as a mom and as a wife! And not to be hard on yourself. :D

  5. Had me over for something warm to drink? I didn't know you did that sort of thing :-)

  6. friend, I wanna come over and have coffee with ya. I can't help with the potty training, but the way you described wanting to be organized but being stunted with the actual execution of it? That's me, totally.
    Love you lady.