22 January 2013

exciting announcement: a new shop!

I mentioned awhile back that I'd started sketching and fell in love it. I toyed with the idea of adding prints to the shop, and ran it by a few business savvy friends who were super encouraging and supportive. And then my sweet friend Ashley texted me and said, "Let's open one together!" I was all over that. We've spent the past few weeks discussing details, prepping our work, and setting up shop.
And I love it. Ashley has mega talent, so I feel honored to collaborate with her. And something else that is awesome and exciting? The amazing Danielle is sharing her work, too!  She is currently our featured artist, so her prints won't be around forever - snap them up while you can!

Here is a little preview from each of us, a hint of what you'll find in the shop.

You can find the shop right here. And check back Friday for a fun little giveaway!


  1. love love love everything about this!!

  2. Just checked out the shop- love it all!

  3. love it, friend! u are a talented gal <3

  4. love each and every one! wonderful work ladies!

  5. that is the coolest thing EVER. they are all wonderful!

  6. I am a new follower and I LOVE all these prints! so cute. I am way excited to be sticking around this blog :)