19 December 2012

twinkly lights and lollipops

Yesterday marked the beginning of Christmas break for the kids, so we decided to kick it off right. We got all bundled up, grabbed a cheese pizza to go and drove straight to Snowflake Lane. Each night you can stand amidst the twinkly lights with Christmas music pumping through the speakers, drummers marching through the streets, rosy cheeked nutcrackers handing out peppermint lollipops, and fake snow falling from the sky. 
The kids loved it like crazy people. In fact, Lute danced all the way back to the car at the end of the night. 

{hey, susannah! you won the giveaway - email me!}


  1. Oh my word, that pizza picture is AWESOME! What a fun trip!

  2. I wish your boys had more personality...

  3. i want to go to this magical place.
    also, your children. adorable.

  4. That looks so fun. Wish we had that around here.


  5. I have never been to snowflake lane. but oh my word. I think I make the same face about pizza.

  6. I tried to email you regarding the giveaway win. It's totally ok if you haven't gotten back to me because you've been busy. I just wanted to make sure I had the right email address. :-)