19 December 2012

{thankful} for the way he sees the world.

This morning was Lute's first official day off of school. To get the vacation started, he suggested about 32 different activities to keep them busy throughout the day. It was 6:45am and I hadn't had my coffee yet, so I thought of something I could manage - printing coloring pages off the internet to occupy them for at least fifteen minutes while I brewed and prayed myself into consciousness.  I tried to find some cute Christmasy pictures, and found some great ones of the nativity, a few connect the dots, and a maze or two. 
Eddie and George were over it within minutes.
Lute though, my sweet little artist, worked diligently until he'd finished.

This one was my favorite for so many reasons.
First, the obvious: Christmas is five days away, and I feel now, more than ever, a need to cling to the beauty of Christ's birth. To remember why we are celebrating, and the hope that this world is filled up with because of it.
But the reason I've been staring at this picture all day with just a little awe in my heart?
I love the way my boy sees the world, the way he sees family.
To him, there is nothing out of the norm to think that Mary was white and Jesus was brown. 
The thing you have to know about my kid: he wants to get the details spot on. 
He'd never draw a person to be blue or green or purple. He wants to do it right.
So, I guess he sees families as multiracial, even the Holy Family.
This is his normal and it makes my heart overwhelmed with gratitude. We talk about adoption now and again, and to him it just makes sense. We don't have to over-intellectualize it, or talk it to death. To him, families can be made up of every color, and that's cool.

I know that we have to equip him to deal with the questions he'll get having siblings that don't look like him. And we're starting that process. But this is what he knows first
And it makes my heart so happy.


What are you grateful for this week? How have you seen sweet, beautiful moments that remind you that there is still good? I want to hear, I think we all need to. It's been a rough one, so let's share in each other's joys and triumphs.

People mentioned that is was hard to get the button and even to link up last week because of a few changes I've made. I promise to work on that as soon as things slow down around here. (Like maybe 2015? I kid, I kid.) In the meantime, please still link up, and just link back to this post - don't feel any pressure to use the button.

Happy Thursday, friends!


  1. When I first saw the picture I thought it was stained glass ... what a beautiful job he is. He and our God are magnificent artists, aren’t they ... painting us in so many glorious colors.

  2. Such a beautiful illustration, first by Lute and then your interpretation :) Love it!

  3. I live this and I hope for thesame in our family someday too xoxo

  4. I live this and I hope for thesame in our family someday too xoxo

  5. This is so precious. I love the dark Jesus and light Mary! Makes my heart happy!

  6. That's so sweet! He was modeling his picture after his own family!

  7. i truly love this...what a wonderful little boy!

  8. oh my gosh. this is the sweetest thing. i love it <3

  9. What a sweet boy! And I chuckled about the "it's 6:45 and he's already had 32 ideas" bit (before coffee).