12 December 2012

{thankful} despite appearances

Some weeks when I am getting ready to write up my post, I am just out of ideas.
The truth is, I know that I have so so much to be grateful for, and yet I still find that my list of complaints is far longer than my list of thanks. I really am so glad that things turn out the way they do, even if it doesn't always seem so in the moment.

Like, I am grateful that at least one of my three year olds is finally excited about using the toilet, even if that means that he spent a very long time in the bathroom alone and I had quite the clean up after. Only after he tried to clean it up himself, and I am still perplexed at how that much poop came out of him and how it got into all the places it did. (Like the drawer of the stepping stool. I mean, really.) (Also, yes, I said poop. I'm sorry that's what this blog has become, but I am the mom of three boys and I am finally accepting my lot in life.)

Or like when my other three year old threw up all over the kitchen the other night.
All over the kitchen. I felt awful for him, and for myself, actually, as I attempted to sanitize and comfort him at the same time. While keeping his brothers away from us both. At dinner time. I envisioned the week that would follow: each kid dropping like flies and me swimming in a sea of barf. (I didn't actually intend for this post to involve so much bodily fluid.)
But then the illness left nearly as suddenly as it came and I am now convinced it was food related. While I still feel bad for my boy, I am so very thankful that it didn't amount to anything more or any other sick kids. So so so so so thankful. 

I am also really thankful that one of my kids didn't get hurt or feet full of glass when he pulled the entire Christmas tree down on himself, despite being told 486 times to stop touching it and please leave the ornaments in place. I sure will miss some of those little breakables I'd so lovingly wrapped in tissue year after year, but no one is hurt, and we still have plenty of memories hanging from our twinkly tree. (And can I say that I am a little bit thankful that I don't have to hang up a Packers ornament anymore? Sorry, Love.)

The thing is, in the moment, I am usually feeling sorry for myself and frustrated and kind of (ok, really) impatient. But if life was easy and free of messes and spills and broken trinkets, I think it'd also feel pretty empty. I have mountains of laundry because I have three crazy rascals that fill those clothes up and run and play and live life to the fullest. Bed time is a bear because my boys love each other and have spirits of silliness that can drive me crazy and delight me all at the same time. Sometimes the details get me down or put me out, but the big picture? It's pretty amazing. 

And I really am grateful for it.


And now it's all you! Tell me what you're grateful for this week: big or small, obvious or not, I'd love to hear about it. Grab a button, link up and try to visit a few others who've shared their stories.

Thanks for being here!

a punk, a pumpkin and a peanut


  1. thank you for sharing your heart and being so honest. it is tough to be in the midst of mothering little people and its easy to get bogged down by the day to day little things and not see the big picture. the big amazing picture of being blessed to parent little people. there are more joys then ugh moments and it is important to focus on the joys or the ugh moments can take over. i loved this post and it is great reminder that we have so much to be thankful for even in the messes!

  2. love your honesty in this post... and your perspective. it's a good reminder and challenge. your boys are so adorable. we are currently in the adoption process and i feel like we continue to hit roadblock after roadblock... my first instinct is always to complain... or cry;) but i can definitely see the Lord's hand in this process every step of the way. happy thursday... xoxo

  3. Some weeks I have that problem...Trying to think of what to write.
    I love being able to take a negative experience and turning it into a positive -- something to be thankful for. Definitely a wonderful thing to be thankful for that your little one wasn't cut by glass from the tree... And I would have to be super thankful about the possible sickness from food, too. Hope everyone stays healthy for you!

  4. Just found your blog through Thankful Thursday and was really drawn to your honesty. Being thankful can be so hard sometimes, and I loved how you found it in spite of everything. So very real.


  5. This is a great post! Really summarizes the tension that is motherhood. So much to be grateful for, but...(and I love the title!)