10 December 2012


This weekend we celebrated Nick's birthday with family (twice, actually.)
Saturday we had a few folks over for a cozy little dinner of his favorites.

I baked a cake in my grandma's old bundt pan. Every time I see, think of or use the word "bundt", I think of My Big, Fat Greek Wedding. Anyone?

Cream cheese filled, bacon wrapped jalapenos. Recipe coming tomorrow. I want some right now.

The finished product. I used a real vanilla bean for the glaze, which always makes me feel a little fancy.

Our fireplace hasn't really worked since we moved in three years ago, despite our efforts to have it fixed. I saw someone come up with this brilliant little mason jar idea on instagram and I loved it, so our fireplace got a cozy little makeover this weekend.

We bought our tree and set straight to decorating. For the first time ever we bought it at the grocery store which felt a little unnatural and kind of like cheating. But the house is all magical now, so I'm not sure it much matters.

Yep, pure magic.


  1. I really love these pictures! I think of My big fat greek wedding too lol. Also I love that fireplace idea. So pretty and whimsical.


  2. Haha. I always think of My Big Fat Greek Wedding too!!!

  3. I run through the whole scene whenever I hear or see or think bundt! Poor lady :)

    Love your fireplace and the magic Christmas lights bring.

    Happy Monday!

  4. I'll take a few jalapeno poppers! Seriously with bacon?
    and I totally think of My Big Fat Greek Wedding whenever I hear "bundt" too!

  5. bundt cake makes me laugh e.v.e.r.y time!

  6. Heeheee... "bunddddddt". You need a flower for the center. ;)
    I LOVE making things in my bundt cake, like mouse cake and Kahlua cake. Hrmm...I feel like baking now!