12 December 2012

scarfament love

One of my favorite ladies, Danielle, put together her second annual scarfament swap last month.
You get paired up with another blogger - usually someone you don't know, exchange info,
and set to finding them an ornament and scarf to send them a little Christmas cheer.
I love happy mail - I mean, who doesn't? So I was excited to join in the fun.
I was paired with Melissa, who right away struck me as good people.
She wrote kind emails, was super encouraging about our adoption, and even ordered necklaces from my shop to support us! Right away I felt blessed by this girl.

Then my package came and I was blown away
She learned to crochet so that she could make my scarf. Oh wait, hold up.
She made me two scarves. In gorgeous colors, perfectly crafted, and totally me.
Her ornament was also handmade and, of course, lovely. Even better, it isn't breakable,
which goes a long way in this house.
Oh, and it doesn't stop there. Then she noticed one of my favorites on etsy:
crocheted oatmeal colored boot cuffs with buttons from Poland. 
Yep, she whipped up a pair of those, too.
I mean.

Melissa, my dear, you truly blessed me with this little swap. Thanks for your amazing, thoughtful, charming gifts. 
They will get much use, trust me. Thanks, love!


  1. oh snap you won the scarfament jackpot!

  2. Awww what a sweetheart she is!!

  3. That is so much fun! :)

  4. that is just so so sweet! what a thoughtful friend!

  5. I'm so happy you like your goodies! It was a joy for me to be able to share with you! :)