04 November 2012

this might be a wish list.

I am in love with the fact that it's November and Christmas is right around the corner.
I love every single thing about this season.
Last year it was my hope to buy most of my gifts from handmade shops, 
and I am aiming for that this year, too.
I started to keep track of my favorites months ago, and now it's gone
from things I think are lovely, to things I think I might need.
So, here's hoping my husband reads my blog.

Over the next few weeks, I'll link a few of my favorite finds.
Who knows? It may inspire your gift giving, or lead you to some sweet pretties
you didn't even know you needed.

found here by grace for grace

found here by rouge and whimsy

found here by salvage517
found here by Murabelle

found here by Granola Soup

What's on your wish list this year?


  1. Love that tote! My wishlist is hunter boots :)

  2. That tote is so awesome! And I'm not one for headbands, but I want that pretty lace one!

  3. A sweet and pretty wish list!! Have a lovely evening!! xo Heather

  4. beautiful finds! i made a pinterest board for my hubby so i can easily give him hints & nudges. ;)

  5. love the headband...and your new blog...so cute.

  6. Fun! I've tried to buy as many gifts as possible from Etsy. As for me, I'll take a tote any day. Love them. But books...any books...all books...all genres...kindle books...a tote to carry the books in...bookmarks...journals...or a gift certificate from Barnes and Noble!