28 November 2012

{thankful} for my man

I am so grateful for my husband. He is a giver to, like, infinity. 
He knows how much I love sleeping, so he wakes up with the boys almost every morning to get them breakfast 
and play with their train set and be crazy in the basement. 
He loves the boys so much, and has such an ease with them, it totally puts me to shame.
He will do dishes without complaint, all after a long day of giving and serving at work.
Yesterday I had the chance (thanks to my super awesome mom) to go to a fancy
luncheon benefiting the non-profit organization my husband works for that provides long term care for families in need.
My super handsome sidekick was asked to speak to hundreds of people on behalf of the population they serve, 
to tell their stories and share his heart.
I brimmed with pride as I looked up at the stage and got an even deeper glimpse to the wonder that is Nick.
How he has a heart so big, I'll never know.
He is genuine and caring and filled with compassion for others.
He is also ridiculously goofy (as evidenced in the photo above) and makes me laugh
all the time. I am a lucky girl, no doubt about it.
He could definitely work on his dance moves, though. 
I mean, I have to bring something to the relationship.


Now it's your turn!
Thanksgiving may be over, but having a grateful heart all year round helps us to see things with fresh eyes and fresh perspective.
Tell me your stories, grab a button, and link up.
And happy Thursday!

a punk, a pumpkin and a peanut


  1. sounds like you found a good one! ;) love the family car-ride pictures!

  2. You are a very lucky person, men like yours are so rare... Take good care of him so he would always be able to give a lot... "Behind every great man there's a woman"

  3. GREAT photos! Thanks for the smile I leave with. Have a great weekend and thanks for hosting.

  4. i love hearing about men that love their family like yours does. blessings to you all.

  5. Love, love, love a man who will let you sleep in. It's the best present a mom can get! Thanks for the link-up!

  6. Aww, so sweet. :)

    It's nice to hear about good guys, they seem so far and in between to me.

  7. I love seeing wives who stand by and believe in their husbands the way that you are doing today! This makes me want to encourage my hubby too.

  8. As always, you have such a beautiful blog and story. I love the idea of a thankful link-up too! Thanks :)

  9. well now I must see him dance. I feel like you also bring cooking to the relationship. Those are some cute men in your life ;)

  10. so carina. let's talk about this. is your thankful linky every thursday? or just at the end of the month like mine? should we do it together?? just wondering :) maybe we should talk about it for 2013? (and get more of our pals on the thankful linky bandwagon...)