16 November 2012

something new and holiday shopping

Happy Friday, my dears! It has been a busy week and we are gearing up for a birthday bash for my little man tomorrow. I am excited for things to slow down a bit next week as we get ready for advent.

I have some random stuff to share with you as we go into the weekend...

First, I have some thing new and fun going on in my shop!
There has been a new trend with these monthly subscription boxes full of fun treats.
Personally, I love LoveClub and have tried my hand at StitchFix. Both are worthy of a go, trust me.
In the spirit of surprises in the mail that make your day, I've added the Surprise Me option
to purchases at Lovely Little Whimsy! You decide between scarves, jewelry and baby items, whether you want something colorful or neutral, and I'll send you something lovely in the mail worth at least $20. You can find details here!

Next up, I am getting super excited for Black Friday. Come back next week for some fantastic deals right here! Are you planning on doing your Christmas shopping online or are you going to hit the shops? I get a little thrill from the mad rush on Thanksgiving night, but my hope is that I'll do nearly all of my shopping from the sweet handmade shops I've grown to love.

And speaking of those shops, you can hop over to Rouge and Whimsy today to see the things I am absolutely loving this week and maybe get inspired to share what has caught your eye!

Have a fantastic weekend!


  1. woohoo! love the new surprise option. genius fun.

    love you!

  2. Awww... That "Surprise Me" option sounds like fun!

  3. Just placed an order - can't wait for next week or I will miss out! Love the 'Surprise Me' idea! Also enjoyed your post on Rogue + Whimsy.