09 November 2012

friday's letters

Dear Target Clearance, you've been good to me lately. Red polka dot tights for 70 cents?
I mean, come on. But I think we need to break up for awhile. It's not you, it's me.
I have other things going on in my life that need my financial attention and you aren't a priority. 
I have confidence that we'll meet again - we're MFEO. Stay sweet.

Dear (homemade) Chex Mix,
Why do you provide so much temptation? You're so delicious, and that's evidenced by the fact that I had you for lunch and dinner. I feel like that may have been too much of a good thing. The good news is my kids love you, too, so we can share in the joy, and in the calories. Until dinner, my darling.

Dear Lute, you win. You're the cutest five year old on the planet.
Also, congrats on the soccer medal - I'm proud of you, buddy, for being a good sport, loving on your team, 
and being an all around goof ball. 
You make my days super bright and very entertaining. Love you forever.

Dear Amber, I am having a very hard time deciding on the boot cuff situation. Which color shall I choose?? These are on my Christmas wish list, so you better be hearing from my husband before too long. 

Dear Husband, you're what they call "awesome sauce". That surprise date night out on the town last night? Totally needed. It was fun to chat about life uninterrupted by kids and undistracted by ESPN. I love you, like a lot. (Also see letter above.)

Dear Readers, thanks for your sweet support - I've been filling orders all week!
I just listed some new earrings and $10 from every sale is going to disaster relief on the East Coast. 
Check them out - I think they're pretty cute and would make great stocking stuffers.
Have a wonderful weekend, lovelies! Enjoy those around you.



  1. Dear Target... dont be lonely. I'll pick up shopping the clearance sections until lovely can get back to you!

  2. loved these letters. serisouly target. /// oh my,.

  3. :) you make me smile!
    love all your sweet letter
    and the one to me :)


  4. I try to break up with Target every week. I keep going back.

  5. sweet tights and your son is too cute!! have a great weekend! xo heather

  6. target robbed me this week.
    well, not really. all my fault though.
    i spent way too much there this week and now i'm
    imposing a ban on myself.
    love those super cuter earrings and what a wonderful
    heart you have!
    and thank the Lord for date night. xoxo