03 October 2012

{thankful} when things don't go according to plan

Nap time is kind of sacred for me. 
I almost always have a plan for that 90 minute window...
cleaning up, catching up on some tv show I don't need to watch,
getting orders ready, whatever.
But over the last several days George just isn't having it.
We battle it out for over an hour until I finally give up and this inevitably happens:
We're sitting in the school pick up line and he loses it, like majorly.
dj jazzy George doesn't approve of any of the songs on the playlist,
doesn't want to wait in line, launches whatever is in hand,
and screams so loudly that I nervously glance around at other waiting parents
for fear that they may think I have just inflicted major injury onto my child.

And then today he fell asleep within 60 seconds of picking up his brother.
I tried to take the "long" way home, which only amounted to all of seven minutes.
As I lifted him out of the car, I was sure that short little nap was over.
But then this happened:

For the next hour, George slept and drooled right on my chest.
I am almost positive this hasn't happened since he was a tiny little thing.
I let his brothers sit through two episodes of their favorite show just so I could
relish in this sweet, peaceful sleeper. Breathe him in.
In those moments, I was thankful for that lost "me" time. 
Grateful that he battled it out with me, if this is what it came to:
me and my baby, close as can be.
I'd take that over just about anything any day of the week.

Every Thursday I ask you to share what you're grateful for:
 big and little. It can be small and seem inconsequential,
or it can be a big, grand moment of greatness.
What are you thankful for this week?
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a punk, a pumpkin and a peanut


  1. Aww, so sweet. I miss my little one snuggling me too, she can never sit still for long enough.

  2. I absolutely love it when other parents post their trials and tribulations. It is so refreshing to know someone else has the same problems as I do.

  3. melt.my.heart. soooo sweet. definitely something to be thankful for! happy thursday! xoxo

  4. How sweet! I wrote a few weeks ago (Thankful Thursday)about the same thing. My little one had been sick and I enjoyed middle of the night cuddles. They grow so fast, so it's nice to get those special moments sometimes :)

  5. George and Pie seem to share the same naptime action plan, complete with the throwing of whatever. God bless them. So glad you had some sweet time with him!

  6. too sweet. those are the moments you'll remember, not the tantrums!

  7. So sweet. What a welcome blessing to share that closeness. I'm sure he benefited just as much as his mama!

  8. What a precious thing to be thankful for. And I remember those days... they seem like so long ago.