17 October 2012

{thankful} for community

Something that is always huge on my heart is the idea of community.
Who is pouring into your life, and whose are you pouring into?
After I graduated from college, I moved to DC for a couple of years.
I worked at a house in the inner city, the "forgotten" part of town,
serving kids and the neighborhood by just being present, serving meals,
and hanging out.
Every Friday morning, everyone who worked together gathered around the kitchen table
for coffee, conversation, and Bible study.
We didn't go to the same church, we didn't live in the same neighborhoods,
or share the same theologies, but we all came together in love,
talked about Jesus, and felt encouraged and challenged.
I still think, 10+ years later, it was one of the most significant experiences in my life,
one that shaped my world view, and how I think of community.

Nick and I have a huge heart, a call really, for unity.
As I've walked my own faith journey, I've seen division and judgement among believers.
Assumptions and misconceptions that prevent us from being in relationship with one another.
But God has been so good to provide opportunities along the way to be in relationship
with others who don't think the way we do.
A weekly Bible study with women from all denominations and backgrounds, 
who share a common love for Christ and a desire to know Him more deeply.
My trip to Lake Placid with my girls, and hearing all of our very different stories,
all to the glory of God, all drawn to Him in different circumstances.
And most recently, a small group of couples that meet every couple of weeks to talk about faith over coffee and dessert. 
From different churches and backgrounds and stories.

These experiences are my heart's cry. 
To be in community with people who don't think exactly like I do, who I can learn from and grow with.
When it comes right down to it, none of us have it all figured out.
But we love Jesus and we are doing our best (or trying to) to follow Him
and live out what we think we're being called to.
God is so real in all of their lives, in our lives,
and we are sharing in that.

That's what I'm grateful for this week, and all the time.


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that we can be grateful for.
Cute new boots, a mended relationship, a whisper of encouragement,
a happy treat.
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  1. I can only imagine how wonderful those Friday mornings must have been. How awesome that you've been able to find communities throughout your life.

  2. yes!!! community is such a necessary thing. we have been blessed to be surrounded with an incredible community here in louisville... these men and women sharpen, encourage, and challenge us daily. so grateful for community... and for people like you and nick that feel the call to bring others into strong community. thank you!

  3. I think community, and living in community is one of the most important things we can strive for as Christ followers. It's so vital for our growth because we all see life and scripture so differently. Love your heart for this and YOU Carina. Speaking of community, when are we going to commune over coffee?

  4. Lovely post, and definitely a blessing to be thankful for!! Have a great day! xo Heather

  5. I think a little diversity within the Christian community is a lovely idea! You are so right- none of us has "arrived". We can learn so much from each other!

  6. friend. move to nj. jk. but not really. i think you'd love our community here. i pray someday you and nick can visit us. i know God calls us to different places because he needs us in every corner of the world. you're his disciple and doing his work for sure in your little area of the world. you're amazing and your story is amazing. so thankful to have heard your testimony... i hope you share it whenever you can!

  7. i love this. my husband are in this weird "in between" time with weird "in between" community, if that's even a thing. As a man, it seems he can get most of his fulfillment from our family and a couple friends, where as a woman, i CRAVE time with community. my prayer has been that God would give us the exact community He wants for us. this post just reminds me of why my prayer is so important. thanks for sharing your heart.