01 October 2012

my cup

The last couple of weeks have been so busy. 
Nick was on call and worked over 100 hours over the course of 12 days in a row.
His plate is full at work, we are in the midst of some major home repair that is costing a lot of time 
and money and headaches.
On top of that is the usual everyday business that demands our time and attention, 
not to mention trying to maintain sanity and some sense of a marriage in the midst of it.
It has been a little overwhelming.

At the end of last week exhaustion set in for my husband. 
Exhaustion and a little frustration as we tried to accomplish all these things and hit road blocks along the way.
He was empty and spent and in dire need of a break that wasn't really on the horizon.

One night, laying in bed, talking about all of it, God gave me a little nudge.
Our cups were empty. 
And there was no way we could fill them up on our own. 
Pouring into work, and the kids, our church, our home, each other... we were empty
and we were forgetting that Endless Source that could fill us right back up.

We've been skating by lately... my prayer time is quick and earnest, but not dedicated.
I don't set time aside to be in Scripture like I used to.
There are no more excuses. It's not because I owe God my time that I need to do it -
it's because there is a power that comes from saturating myself in Him.
In giving myself over and asking Him to fill my cup,
to fight my battles, to strengthen me and energize me.

There it is, clear as day.
I need to be still before Him, to allow Him into the big and the little things that overwhelm us.
Our to do lists, our fix its, our relationships and obligations. 
We need Him.

We pour ourselves out every day - we empty our cups for others.
But eventually we'll have nothing to offer. 
Not unless we go back to that Source of Living Water that can refresh our very souls.
We so needed that reminder last week.

And since that realization, we still have to do lists, home repairs 
and demands on our time that seem a little much.
But it becomes manageable, and we can approach the situations with joy instead of drudgery. 
There is hope and life and peace and I am so grateful for that.


  1. Lovin' this post. In fact, I have that same verse jotted down in multiple places so I don't forget it. It's so so so easy to get so bogged down that God ends up being down our list. We aren't hurting Him by giving other things priority; just ourselves. "There is hope and life and peace and I am so grateful for that." Yes ma'am.

  2. such a good reminder! thank you for sharing.

  3. i just emailed this to my husband. xo friend.

  4. Such a beautiful reminder, and I will be keeping you in my prayers! Happy October! xo Heather

  5. First, OH MY GOODNESS do I ever love that cup. SO super cute. And what a great reminder. I really hate weeks like this when you are so busy you can't even see straight. Hope it eases up for you soon girl, let me know if you need a sitter for a date night ;)

  6. Thank you. I NEEDED Exodus14:14 today. God will FIGHT for me and my kiddos in whatever is going on, my job is to BE STILL, which isn't easy. But a day started out in prayer is much better than not.

  7. That is one of my favorite verses. God's Spirit whispered it to me again this week as I was having a rough time, and needed to be fought for. He is so good.

    May we all continue to fix our eyes in Him, and trust his hand on our lives.