21 October 2012

life lately {according to my phone}

part of my trip to lake placid involved getting my first tattoo.
and i love it. romans 5:5 has been my biggest encouragement.

taking one kid to the grocery store is like a cake walk.
i think he liked it, too.

date night. in the den with a plate full of sushi and my main squeeze.
and sherlock holmes.

oh, and this. it was amazing.

this is what happens when you ask my boy to draw a flower and something it needs to survive.
so my kid.

i'm not even sure why we still have a changing table. but, i mean.

pumpkin patch field trip was pretty much amazing all around.

tractor driven hay rides...

first real life encounter with a monster truck...

and goats. best day ever.

just a little hug from above.

i love this kid. 

life lately? it's been good.


  1. I love seeing you enjoying life!!!

  2. i want to squeeze all those little boys!!

  3. I'm always tickled anew at just how easy only 1 kid seems now that we have 2 rowdies ;) A real life monster truck would have been absolute heaven for them. Looks like it was for your rowdies too :)

    Love your tat ;)

  4. your tattoo is amazing! The placement and font is lovely, and the scripture, well it is such an encouragement and you will forever enjoy it :)

  5. I love your choice for your first permanent body art oh and that you let your lil guy ride on the bottom of the grocery cart.

  6. i really really want a tattoo and I don't know what is holding me back... but I LOVE yours!

  7. Sweet photos, and love your new tattoo!! xo Heather

  8. I just found your blog and it is precious! I love your tattoo. That is one of my favorite verses as well. Such a good reminder. :)

  9. Life lately looks pretty awesome!