25 October 2012

i'm just gonna be me (and some thoughts on blogging)

"You look like Downtown Julie Brown."
That's what my husband said to me the other night when he saw me wearing my cute new headband 
from SugarBlossom that sweet Danielle gave me. 
"Ummmmmm, is that a good thing?" I asked.
"Yeah, she was kind of like the Punky Brewster for teenagers."
Now, to most people this might not seem complimentary, 
but my husband knows me well. 
Is it weird that I am in my 30s and still look to Punky as my style icon?
Maybe, and I'm okay with it.

I think for ages I've felt like I should fit into some particular mold.
I should tone down what I am going to wear 
or hold back in sharing my thoughts...
concerned with how others might perceive me or think I'm silly, or whatever.
And now, 34 years into life, I've come to this conclusion:
that's dumb.

I am who I am, and I'm a work in progress.
I let my kids eat cupcakes in the morning.
I get more excited about a cute dress I find at the thrift store than one I might like at Nordstrom.
I love Jesus and traveling and dancing to Michael Jackson.
I want to take my kids to Africa.
I have like 13 shades of gray nail polish.
I am messy and disorganized and I have a love/hate relationship with mopping.
I don't see the point in folding laundry.
I have a very hard time resisting bright and crazy tights at Target.
I have a hard time resisting a lot of things at Target, actually.

The thing is, that makes me who I am. Not everything about me is fantastic
and I have a lot of room to grow.
 But my personality?
It's been pretty much the same since I was seven.
I'm quirky and silly and do things that people sometimes shake their head at.
That makes life fun.

Lately I've seen a lot of bloggers encouraging newbies to find their niche.
What's your voice going to be in the blogging world?
Can I just throw in my two cents?
My favorite blogs, the ones I go back to again and again, are the ladies who share
their lives. That's who I feel so connected to.
I struggled for a long time in what my content "should" be here in this little space.
And that totally wasn't true to who I am, what I want to remember, or what I want this place to be.
It won't be a blog on the topic of kids or crafting, food or fashion.
It's not an adoption blog, or a faith blog, or a handmade business blog.
It's all of it.
And hopefully even more than that. Because I'm more than that.

That's my hope for you, too.
That you would believe in how fantastic you are just by being you.
You have value and worth, not based on what you wear or write or do or say,
but because you are you.
Created with love and purpose to live this life to the fullest.

I need to be reminded of that often.
As a dear friend would say, "Don't take yourself too seriously, y'all."


  1. Good one, Carina!! I agree. I'm still working on being me and I'm older than you. I have reasons for that, but sharing those aren't necessary. ;) Anyway, good encouragement -- even for someone older. ;)

  2. "that's dumb"
    since hitting the thirties myself, i have said that for many things.
    amen amen. i like you, and your fashion.

  3. thanks for the encouragement to just be myself (love this post!)

  4. loved this. totally agree! and i love YOU! :)

  5. Great post! I am a 34 year old blogger myself. I guessing I would get along with you because I am really good at silly. Is that my charm? I like to post my photos on my blog. I'm an artist of sorts (not the paid sorts). Esther Norine Designs

  6. that's exactly how i feel about my space.
    i'm not sure WHAT it is exactly.
    but I do know it is me.
    i dont need words or labels. i like the freedom to blog as myself.
    it's way more fun. :)

    i'm glad you feel the same way!

  7. lovely lovely. made me smile. ;)

  8. I have been thinking about taking myself too seriously lately....It's stupid isn't it? I mean, I NEVER think about others or observe things about them that I STRESS about myself about. You know? We really do think too highly and too often of ourselves. And, it gets us nowhere.

    I think you just inspired me to write my own post. :)

    1. seriously! i often think about how we should extend the same grace to ourselves that we extend to others. why are we so hard on ourselves?

  9. fantastically said. i love to read REAL LIFE blogs...that's why I started following you! and that's what i want mine to be about...the real me! thanks for sharing.

  10. Awesomely timed. I'm always struggling thinking I need to find a niche or do something different, but then I think, I am who I am and if even one person wants to read my blog, then that makes me happy. I also can't really resist tights or anything from Target :)

  11. i totally agree with all this too. ALL of it. and it makes me love you even more, if thats possible. :) I dont like it when bloggers suggest for people to find their niche. I honestly dont understand it, I guess thats just me. :) Im like you, the blogs I am drawn to are the ones who share it "all", and are just themselves. I love you..you do just that! :)

  12. and PS you look hott in that headband!! :)

  13. LOve this, and totally agree!! xo Heather

  14. you kinda do look like downtown julie brown in that pic! And i couldn't agree more with this post!

  15. Love this post. I've been thinking about this whole "niche" thing and I kept thinking..."why can't I just live my life and share it?"

    Thanks for this encouragement!

  16. you = awesome; loved this post. Very well said. :)

  17. great post! i am a target addict as well :)
    happy friday! xoxo

  18. Love this wonderful and encouraging post! I find myself having to remind myself t=that it's ok to be me. I have flaws, lots of 'em but there are people that love me anyway (thank God!). And He loves me, and that is all I need :)

  19. Loved this, and found it VERY encouraging! :)

    Thanks! :)

  20. Needed this and you made me laugh, needed that too! LOVE LOVE LOVE.

  21. What great references here! Haha! Downtown Julie Brown AND Punky! It's hard to be yourself sometimes when you are worried about what others think. But ultimately it's easier being yourself, so it's definitely the best choice:) Do you remember the show on Nickelodeon- Clarissa Explains It All? I LOVED her fashion style. Anything goes, all colors and patterns were a GO! :)

  22. I like you-- just the way you are. You are fabulous lady. :) Thanks for sharing your heart.

  23. Wonderful. I wish you all nothing but the best. Have a great one! Oh, I forgot.. I awarded you with a blog award! Check it out below.

  24. this is a great post. i've been struggling on my blog lately and i credit it to the fact that ive been trying to find a niche. but i dont want a niche. i just wanna write about my life and take pretty pictures.

    i love you and your heart, carissa, i mean carina.

    1. carissa, carina, same diff :)
      have you had that baby yet?

  25. I am in love with this post. And your blog. I struggle with this a lot, because my blog tends to be about everything rather than one specific niche. But if I want to talk about my life on Tuesday and fashion on Friday, why shouldn't that be okay? I'm only 18, so I'm still trying to figure out who I am anyway. Thanks for writing this, I'm your newest follower!:)

    1. shelby, this is so encouraging! yes, i think just be real and blog about what's on your heart. how can you go wrong with that?

  26. I Love the way you are that's why I keep coming back. You are Pretty Awesome Sauce in my book.

  27. great words. my daughter has a book called the pink penguin which is kind of along those lines. he basically has to learn to love the fact that he's pink and every one else is black and white. it's pretty awesome. just be you, you can't be anyone else !