23 October 2012

a day off.

turning off my phone and computer, putting aside my to do list,
letting go of laundry, and letting the kids rule for the day.
Totally tuning into them, letting them make the decisions as to what we eat and 
what we do and how we spend our day together.
My big, grand plan was to do it weekly, and now it's become quarterly.

So this week Lute has three days off for teacher conferences and tomorrow is the day.
They are in charge (kind of. within reason. I have my limits.).
So far on the plan is making cupcakes and cookies and using lots of sprinkles.
That's as far as we got, but that sounds like a pretty good start to me.

I'll let you know how it goes.
Until then, have a very happy Wednesday.
Go play!


  1. Have fun! Go enjoy your kiddos :)

  2. I know I need to do this. Why is unplugging so hard?

  3. I'd like to join you for that day :) Thanks for the reminder to do with my boys soon!

  4. oh have fun! my kids could really use a fun day. they've had playdate after playdate cancelled over the last two weeks and now my youngest one has ringworm {he's a hardcore wrestler} so his friend isn't coming over today!! plus, i've been a *slightly* grumpy homeschooling mom the past couple of days too.

    cookies and cupcakes? wish i was there!!

  5. Such a fun idea! I'm sure you guys will have so much fun and the kids will remember their awesome mom letting them reign for a day!

  6. enjoy!! love you! xo p.s. say hey to my frenz :)

  7. Sounds wonderful!! Hope you had a lovely day! xo Heather