27 September 2012

{thankful} for three little boys.

The other day Lute came home from school and said to me,
"All the kids in my class today were talking about how much they loved their mamas.
You know what I said?
I told 'em I love my mama to infinity."
A huge grin spread across his face, partially because he knew he'd outdone everyone,
and partially because it's true.
And it made my heart melt completely.
We've had a bit of a rough go as we've adjusted to all day kindergarten,
but this week has been sweet and easy and I am so grateful for my little man.

I'm also thankful for the moments this week - and there have been a few -
when George stops what he's doing, grabs my face,
lays a big wet smacker on me, and says,
"I love ya."
And then goes back about his business.

And then there is Eddie.
A boy whose love I do not doubt, but he lets me know all the same.
"Mama, you da best.
I love you da most."

All three of my little charmers have been good to me.
I am so very grateful for their sweet, crazy, goofy, tender little hearts.
Three little gifts.

Every week I ask you to share what you're grateful for - 
whether it be big or small, obvious or not.
Gratitude for even the tiniest of things can shift our entire way of thinking.
Thank you for sharing your hearts with me -
I love it more than you know.
So, grab a button, link up and go share in the small (and grand) joyful
moments with new friends!

a punk, a pumpkin and a peanut


  1. LOVE little boys and their Mama loving hearts. You are very blessed to have three of them.

  2. Love this hop. This week I found something awesome to be thankful for. In the meantime, thanks for hosting and have a great weekend.

  3. gawh!!! your boys are absolutely precious!! definitely something to be thankful for!!

  4. What a bunch of little sweet hearts to be thankful for!

  5. That is the sweetest!!! It made my heart melt for you, too! ;) xo Heather

  6. Holding back tears...this is just adorable!

  7. OH my freaking adorable! those boys are so cute!! What a proud mama you must be!! :D xoxox

  8. oh that made me tear up. :) such sweetness in your home.

  9. hey look at your sweet little link up! i may have to play along next week. and those boys. wow. what blessings!!

  10. little boys have a special way about them that just turns their mama's into goo don't they.

  11. These boys are such cuties. This made me smile.

  12. how cute are your little boy?!? adorable.
    and their sweet love for you is just precious.
    you are the best thing in their little lives right now..
    you're the most beautiful, the best cook, the best at everything!
    i love it :)