06 September 2012

{thankful} for so many things

This has been a full, crazy week.
I am thankful for so so much.
My firstborn started kindergarten this week.
To say there were a few tears would be an understatement. From both of us.
He has such a sweet, tender heart. He is full of life and humor 
and silly antics. 
I know he is going to love school so much.
But today he misses his mama. I am thankful for his courage
and his sweetness and the way he is growing into a little man.

With one at school all day, I've been a little more organized with time.
All our laundry is done (never happens), I've had some sweet one on one time playing with 
the little two.
I've even had time to kick back with my coffee and take it all in.
That hasn't happened for awhile. Productivity+relaxation is a rarity around here.

Nearly every night for the last couple of weeks I've been working on onesies, headbands and necklaces.
I am so excited to be sending off my first shipment of lovely little whimsy ware to a new
boutique across the country. 
To think of my little creations hanging in an actual shop is enough to make my heart palpitate. 
I am super grateful for new opportunities and partnerships with women around the country.

Other little things:
a husband who sings and plays guitar to unwind at the end of a long day
a boy who doesn't care a lick about his broken foot
preschool starting next week (thankful and more crying, I'm sure)
loving late summer, early fall weather and a little harvest from my humble garden
sweet friends and family who love my little brood and are a constant support

Happy Thursday, y'all.
What are you grateful for?

a punk, a pumpkin and a peanut

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And, as always, I am thankful for each of you.


  1. oh the onesies look cute!! My oldest is starting kindergarten this year too :)

  2. What cute onesies! How exciting for you!

    Stopping in and linking up for the first time. Would love you to link up with us as well!

  3. How adorable is you sweet boy!! Love those cute onesies, and congratulations!! How exciting!!! xo Heather

  4. Aww, I hope the kids get used to school soon. It takes a few weeks and then they start loving it. :) Unfortunately, my daughter does not remember last year at all, and has to get used to it all over again this year...

  5. Carina that is so cool that your stuff is going to be sold in a shop. SO COOL! Let me know when the preschoolers start. I will come cheer you ;) with like a Pumpkin Spice latte ... OR....??