22 September 2012

biggest loser week one and meal ideas

Week one was not fantastic for me. I lost a pound.
Actually, I lost two pounds. And then I gained one back. 
How does that even happen? 
One thing I've realized is that just counting calories isn't enough for me.
I really like how I feel after a good workout, but motivating myself to do it is the problem.
So, this week I'm really committing. To this:
Doing Jillian Michael's Ripped in 30.
I have to do it on mute with my own music or it gets a little irritating, but you cannot argue
it works some serious muscles. Sore for days after, I'm telling you.
But in a way that reminds you that there are actual abdominal muscles in there.

I've also realized I need to reign it in on the weigh ins. 
I can become obsessive about .6 pounds and that's dumb.
So another goal this week is to limit myself to two check ins, not this daily business.

And finally, revamping the menu around here. 
My fridge is clean and full of vegetables and we've been eating pretty well the last few days.
I've even been able to adjust some recipes to please the boys and have my own version that's not loaded with carbs. 
I wanted to share some of my meal ideas with you, and hope you'll do the same!
I love finding new inspiration in the kitchen, and even more so when it's tasty and healthy.

Skinny Breakfast Casserole: love this made in individual servings in muffin tins! 
Grab, zap and go.

I love those boxed organic soups, which usually only have 100-150 calories per serving.
Add in some roasted vegetables and a little cheese and it's a super light lunch.
Bagel Thins with light cream cheese, butter lettuce and turkey with a side of fruit.
So good.
I've been eating this salad multiple times a week and it never gets old.
Sliced beets, reduced fat feta, 8 chopped veggie mix from TJ's, chopped almonds
and some light champagne vinaigrette. Filling, refreshing and less than 300 cals!


I made this Chicken Rope Vieja from skinnytaste this week and it was uh.mazing.
First of all, it's delicious. Second, it's full of undetectable vegetables.
And third, you can eat it on salad while the boys eat it on a tortilla with cheese and everyone is super happy.

I've been using this recipe for years and everyone loves it, every time.

Trust me, this is so so good. And bonus: it's another crock pot meal.

What are your favorite healthy meals?
What has and hasn't worked for you when trying to get in shape?


  1. I just linked up from Along for the Ride.
    I used to weigh myself everyday, but there is too much daily variation. Now I go for twice a week-usually the weekend and Tuesday. It keeps me on track but not worried.
    Good luck on your journey!

  2. i've seen you post some of your meals on IG and i'm super impressed
    with what you eat!! you go girl!
    and counting calories doesn't work for me either. but never fear,
    jillian will get you into shape real quick :)