09 September 2012

a biggest loser competition and the chance to win up to 650 smackers

My day started with excitement at the drop in temps around here,
and was quickly diminished as I tried to slip squeeze into my jeans.
Something happened this summer and it amounts to about 10 pounds.
Every year for the past four years I've participated in a Biggest Loser competition
with some Facebook friends. Last year it was huge with over 30 participants.
This year I wanted to open it up to you all and see if we can motivate each other
into a healthier, more active routine as we enter into fall.
Basically, I need a kick in the can.

So here are the details.
Each Friday participants send me their current weight via email.
I am the only person that will ever see that number.
On Friday night or Saturday morning I will send a group email to everyone
with that week's rankings, according to percentage of weight lost.
At the end of six weeks, the top two participants will win big!
Winners are determined by percentages, not pounds,
so it's an even playing field.

There aren't many rules, but there are a few.
First and foremost, please be healthy
This isn't about extremes, it's about a lifestyle change.
Exercise and eating right are your best bet. No pills or starvation please. 
Take care of yourself.
Secondly, no intentional bloating before the first weigh in.
There are rumors that this is what they do on the show - 
drink massive amounts of water before that initial weigh in to inflate their numbers.
This is on the honor system, and we're trusting everyone to be real.
Third, all money is due one week after we begin to hold your spot.
We've had people not pay up if we wait until the end, and that's just a big bummer for the winners.
Finally, please get your numbers to me no later than Friday at 5pm Eastern each week. 
If you are late or you forget, no big deal, but you won't be a part of that week's rankings,
and it's really more motivating for everyone (especially you!) if you do weigh in.
If Fridays don't work for you to get on a scale, send them to me Thursday. 
Or Wednesday. Just do it. 

Oh yeah, and ladies only. Sorry, dudes.

So, now the logistics.
It's $20 to participate, and all of the winnings go to the top two participants.
There are 50 spots open, and if we reach capacity that means 
1st place will receive $650
and 2nd will get $350
You can sign up by leaving your email address in the comments section
or by emailing me at punkpumpkinpeanut@gmail.com.
Once you receive confirmation from me that you're in,
I'll let you know how to get your money to me.

Each Saturday I'll do a weekly check in post here with a new recipe,
tips and tricks, links to helpful sites, etc.
The comments section on those posts are a great place for you all to encourage each other, check in, 
ask for help or encouragement, and just be a community!

Start date is this Friday, Sept 14 and ends on Friday, Oct 26.
So now... are you in?


  1. Wow... The BL has gotten advanced since I did it last! :) I was sick last year so I didn't participate. Thanks for coordinating, Carina :)

  2. This is so awesome! I am in! mmhardin26@gmail.com

  3. I'd LOVE to do this! jenncollver@gmail.com

  4. I am in! I also put on extra baggage over the summer. Daily.sugar@hotmail.com Thanks!

  5. I am in! I also put on extra baggage over the summer. Daily.sugar@hotmail.com Thanks!

  6. I am in! I also put on extra baggage over the summer. Daily.sugar@hotmail.com Thanks!

  7. I am in! I also put on extra baggage over the summer. Daily.sugar@hotmail.com Thanks!

  8. I want in! My skinny jeans aren't making me feel so skinny these days...

  9. you know I'm in :) karamurano@yahoo.com

  10. Hi Carina - I think it is so great you are doing this! What a fun motivator and way to get in shape together! We have a recommendation for a healthy, meal replacement plan that has worked well for Jovanni (natural, keeps metabolism up so burns fat not muscle). If anyone is interested in checking it out, let me know (hatricerri@gmail.com)

    Love reading your facebook posts and blog...just wish we lived closer and could get our families together!

  11. I'm in!

  12. I'm in! pinksparklycape@live.com Maria Byrd

  13. What is you are currently pregnant and going to have a baby soon (aka the potential to lose a lot of weight). Is that considered cheating?

    1. If you're currently pregnant then no you can't participate. BUT chances are there will be another competition over the holidays!

  14. Sounds like fun...count me in. Do you have people send you pics of their feet on the scale or something to keep people honest?? beckystrahle@yahoo.com

  15. If there are still spots open I'd love to be in on this!
    Paula :)

  16. I would LOVE to be involved in this! I need some serious butt kicking and this will give me some motivation. Thanks for organizing this. I also really like the idea of taking a picture of the scales with our feet on them! :)
    My email is TiffanyHalliday24@gmail.com and my blog is www.joyfillednoise.blogspot.com


  17. I want in!

  18. You already know this but I'm in. honeyholden25@gmail.com And Becky's idea ain't bad....hmmm. I'm willing to send a pic ;)

  19. I'm in! Elizabethsirven@gmail.com

  20. I'm in! (so long as there are spots!) Elizabeth.ann.rice@gmail.com

  21. I'm in! (so long as there are spots!) Elizabeth.ann.rice@gmail.com

  22. Hi! I know it's the day you start but just wondering if you have any spots left? I would love to join if so. mjsewatson@yahoo.com