29 August 2012

{thankful} well, kind of.

Today didn't exactly go as planned.
A trip to the park ended in a two year old with a fractured foot,
hours in the emergency room
and orders to keep him off his feet. For four weeks.
That should be fun.

But here is what I am grateful for in the midst of all that:
my husband having the kind of job where he can meet me at the hospital
and manage the other two.
a boy who rock starred it in the ER,
laid completely still for nine x-rays
and laughed and smiled through what felt like an endless wait.
for offers from family to help as needed over the next few weeks
and cupcakes provided by my mom to make up for some of our trouble.
I'm thankful that we live near enough a Children's Hospital
that we had plenty of stickers and disney movies to occupy our time
and a staff that gets kids and love on them,
making everything a whole lot easier.
And I'm thankful for those cute little toes.


How's your week been?
Where have you seen the good, the joyful, the moments of hope?
Link up, grab a button (or link back) and 
go say hello to some other lovelies.
You'll be blessed, I'm sure of it.

a punk, a pumpkin and a peanut

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  1. Wow I am thankful it wasn't worse! Good luck keeping him off his feet! I will sure be praying! So thankful your hubby was able to help out so much. What an answer to prayer!

    This week, I am thankful for God's provision of SO so so many things we needed (or even, hadn't thought of getting but God provided a means for it!!)

    1. God is good at that :)
      Thanks for the prayers! I am thankful it wasn't worse, too.

  2. oh geez...what a way to throw a wrench in your day right? Perspective in moments like this only come from God!

  3. Wow. That poor little guy. So many people wouldn't be able to see the things they are thankful for in the mist of something bad. I love that you are still so thankful in that moment.

  4. Bless those sweet little toes. I'll be thinking about you today. (And him)

  5. Yikes! I hope he heals quickly, poor little guy. :(

  6. Awww, poor little one. He'll be alright. The good news is that kids heal fast! I broke my ankle in 2 places when I was 18 and my doctor told me how lucky I was that I was still so young. So he'll be just fine :)


    1. good to know! he's such a champ... he's happy as a clam today, so we're blessed.

  7. Oh, your poor little guy. So sorry. Will be keeping his recovery in my prayers. He seems like a tough one! Blessings, xo Heather

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