22 August 2012

{thankful} in photos

first up - congratulations to danielle for winning the big box of goodness!
and to aly and lauren for winning some pretty cute earrings. email me your info, ladies.

Thankful for moments of peace among brothers. it doesn't happen much,
but when it does, it's pretty sweet.

A friend (who still remains unknown - sneaky) sent me this super lovely
print from the Joyful Shop with a reminder of Who is control of our adoption process.
I didn't know how much I needed it until I opened it and the tears sprang to my eyes.
I'll admit, it's been hard the last couple of weeks,
but there have been real moments of grace and beauty,
especially felt in the love and prayers from friends and family.

I mailed out 35 adoption necklace orders this week.
I've sold 68. 
You don't even know how awesome and encouraging this is for us.
I couldn't have done it without you all spreading the word.

Now it's your turn! 
What has happened this week that makes you grateful?
I want to hear - there is so much joy in sharing in each other's triumphs.
Link up your post below and visit some new friends!
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  1. so excited to be linking up with you. the button wouldn't show up in my post though but I linked back to you blog. xo

  2. love the pictures of the boys... so sweet! and i love, love, love the adoption necklaces. we have been thinking about doing something similar for our own adoption process. i wish you lived closer so we could chat over coffee and you could tell me all of your thoughts and experiences:) thinking about you guys as you move forward in your process! happy thursday! xoxo

  3. Carina Girl. I have been thinking of you.

    Also, you should totally name that baby girl Joy once she gets here- and you know she's out there... Not that I am biased or anything, but isn't Joy a lovely name? It is. :)

    Have a good day!

  4. They are so cute, all wearing those hats!!

  5. Ah peaceful moments with siblings truly is a gift to be thankful for. What a wonderful surprise to get that lil lovely in the mail. Wow, 68 necklaces that's amazing. I guess a whole lotta people realize what an awesome Momma you are ;)

  6. Such sweet peaceful moments! Love the beautiful artwork! Such truthful words! xo Heather

  7. I'm thankful for every treasured moment I have in this life to be a mom, a wife, a child of God. Thank you for hosting a lovely linky party! New to your wonderful blog and I am lovin' it!

    Blessings, Michelle