15 August 2012

{thankful} for george

Little G.
G Bizzle. 
(I really call him that - weird?)
This kid is like none other. 
He has this innate sense of humor that entertains me
all the time, every day.
This is the kid, who 5 seconds into being scolded, looks at me with the earnest reply,
"You a pretty flower, Mama."
He asks to snuggle me every single day, and for him that means turning into a little barnacle,
his face smashed into mine, his legs wrapped around my torso,
he's not letting go.
When he was no more than two months old,
he would wail from his crib and as soon as I was in his field of vision,
 he'd start cracking up because he knew he'd just pulled a fast one on me.
He's trouble, that one.
Charming, goofy, hilarious trouble that has me wrapped around his little finger.
He moved into a big boy bed this week, which means I've spent my evenings 
laying on the hardwoods next to his bed so he doesn't meander.
And it's provided for some pretty silly conversations and tender moments.
He wants to hold my hand as he falls to sleep.
Sometimes I love him so much I think my heart might leap from my chest.
How could you not love a kid that wears his car jammies and daddy's helmet to ride a push toy around the driveway?
Though I can't blame him for the helmet after yesterday:
He took a little tumble face first on the concrete.
He also happens to be the toughest kid in the family.

George, I love you. 
You are one funny, loving little punk.
I love every single thing about you, sweet boy,
and I am oh so grateful that you're here to fill up my heart.


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  1. What a fun, adorable kid you have! That's a perfect reason to be thankful. :)

  2. My George is named Riley. He's had stitches more times than we can count and STILL loves on me at 12 like he did when he was 2. LOVE that boy.

    Your George is a handsome one.

  3. well first off, how can you not love a kid named George. not possible in my opinion. and then of course look at those eyes, melt my heart. and well the babies in every family have a way of wrapping us momma's around fingers pretty good. Ouch! Poor guy about the digger.

  4. Soooo sweet!

    I hope his face gets better soon! My lil ones gets cuts and bruises all the time, she's just so active it's bound to happen.

  5. He's so sweet :) You make me look forward to being a mommy someday!

  6. I sure do hope my little girl asks me to snuggle one day. Since she started walking she doesn't want to be held...unless its 3:00am - those nights are rare so oddly I enjoy them. Lol

  7. Georeg is absolutely the sweetest little guy!! xo Heather

  8. what a cutie! and g bizzle...hahaha i love it!

    p.s. i'm your newest follower :)

    xo brie