09 August 2012

{thankful} and the list keeps growing

I have been overwhelmed by the crazy love I've gotten over the last week.
The excitement we've gotten about the adoption from friends, family, coworkers - 
it's shown us what an amazing support we have in our community.
The internet is blowing up with all of my sweet friends sharing our story and getting word out about the necklaces I'm making to raise funds.
(I've sold 65, by the way. I've been near tears a million times.)
I am so grateful to each and every one of you who has purchased a necklace this week.

One of Nick's cousins, Kate, is staying with us this week and she has been 
such a blessing, sweeping in and helping with the boys,
praying for us and our baby girl, providing deep adult conversation that is not the norm in my every day. It's been such a fun visit.

I want to give a special shout out to all the ladies who have blessed me abundantly
with their prayers, support, and their posts about our girl.
Will you go say hello?
(a few of them are even hosting giveaways in our honor!)

hannah from happy days
jami from call me blessed
steph from the honey pot
mackenzie from pint sized mama
heather from we are the holdens
ashley from the vanilla tulip
laura from bits of splendor
jeneal from pieces of love
sarah from racing towards joy
danielle from take heart
ashley from 5ohwifey
joy from small town joy
ashley from sugar mama
danielle from daniellesque 

I feel like I owe you ladies so much. Thank you a million times over for your generosity!
(Did you write a post and you're not on the list? Tell me! I want to sing your praises.)


I talked in my last post about how important it is to have a grateful heart,
even when it seems like the baddest day ever.
There are times when the blessings are hard to see,
and times when they are overwhelming.
Tell me about yours!

a punk, a pumpkin and a peanut


  1. Sending positive thoughts for the adoption :)

  2. I am continually so blessed by this online community! Thankful!

  3. i am so blessed to be a part of this carina!!!

  4. What an amazing thing to be so blessed by the generosity of others! I am sure praying those funds can come in! But I know how incredible God is and that he can do anything! the neat part is seeing exactly how it all comes together and happens!!

    This week I am thankful for the unexpected chance to take it easier this pregnancy. it's not something I totally welcomed at first because it's just not fun having to be more low key but I'm finding it is such a good opportunity to have time with our son.

  5. amen. it is amazing what a little corner of the internet can do. :) i am excited to see how the Lord uses it, and even more your family for your new little's life and all the years to come :) woo!

  6. So exciting!

    If you need another blogger to share about your adoption journey, let me know. I would be more than happy to spread the word. :)