21 August 2012

did someone say "arm party"?

When Ilene and Leonora announced their arm party, I was all over it.
A bracelet exchange with another blogger? Heck, yes.
Fate had a hand in our match up, too, I'm pretty convinced.
I got paired up with Erin from Studio336.
She outdid herself with all the swag she sent me!
Five lovely bracelets that she made herself, which are so me.
And the funny thing is, the ones I designed for her were so similar, it was kind of weird.
She also sent me some super fun decals from her shop, 
including the one you see up there on my mac.
Here is what is crazy:
The phrase "you are loved" has been on our hearts for the last year.
Nick even ordered 50 buttons to give to the people he works with
as a reminder of where our worth comes from. 
Kind of amazing that Erin sent me that very thing!
Nick couldn't believe it either when he walked in last night and saw it right there on the computer.
I love how things like this work out, and meeting fantastic new cuties like Erin!

This arm party has inspired me to work on more bracelets for the shop -
so keep an eye out for some fun new listings in the weeks to come.

Thanks for a super fun party, ladies!
And thanks, Erin, for all the sweet pretties!

(Psst... the giveaway is almost over. Have you entered?!)


  1. ohhhh i love your bracelets and the decal. and YOU!

  2. When I opened your package I had to laugh because they were so similar to what I'd sent! It's funny how things work out sometimes, I'm glad the decal found you at just the right time!

  3. What a fun swap!! Love your new pretties and the decal! So sweet! xo Heather

  4. ooo these are sooo unique and pretty!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  5. oh wow, i love the bracelets you received! funny how things seems to fall into place at the exact right time, isn't it?

  6. beautiful bracelets and love that decal!

  7. That is so cool how you were partnered up and the bracelets are really pretty.

  8. love all the bracelets! I love when the signs on somethings match :)