10 July 2012

{what i wore} and a confession

dress: thrifted  shoes: report  cardi: h&m  locket: gift

Chances are if I am doing an outfit post like this one, it's from Sunday and we're going to church.
Otherwise, you'll probably catch me looking like this:
And while that might be a cute little kerchief on my head (thrifted),
I am also wearing sweatshorts with bleach stains and a hoodie.
And I should probably wash my hair, let's be real.
Don't be jealous.

This {what i wore} post was a leap for me. Instead of the usual self timer situation,
I had my sweet husband take the photos.
And it really was a leap for him too - into the role of official bloggy husband.
He's also started letting me know which recipes I should post
and giving me ideas for blog topics.
I'm glad he's finally embracing me in all my nerdiness.

pleated poppy


  1. My husband gave someone my blog address today. MAJOR big deal!

    You look cute in whatever!

  2. go husband!!
    and i mean, go YOU, too. obvi.
    super cute, any kind of way :)

  3. that's lucky, about your man. good for him :) and you look gorgeous, btw. love the shoes.

  4. i love love love your dress!

  5. major cute, careen! and way to go nick!

  6. Who would have ever thought Nick would be bloggy? What next?

  7. Who would have ever thought Nick would be bloggy? What next?

  8. bahaha! I sooo feel you on the "everyday" look. I live in a very hot climate and when I'm at home, I'm doing whatever I can to not sweat. Being cute is usually not a thought (:

  9. How nice of your husband to take your photos for you.

    If I know I am seeing someone who I can give my camera to take photos of me with my daughter, or if I'm going to work, I always make more of an effort too haha isn't it rediculous. Otherwise I am the same, hair unwashed, 'comfy' trousers, make-up free. And feeling pretty free and under no pressure to look any other way.


  10. Love that your husband is so supportive of your blogging :) What a treat!

  11. Girl, you rock handkerchiefs like nobody else!

  12. I love that dress!! (I'm a new follower, btw. Love the blog! Your boys are so cute!)

  13. yep sundays are the day for fancy. you look beautiful.

  14. Nothing wrong with sweats but I love your pink dress, too!

    Hope to see you linked up at What I Wore Wednesday

  15. I LOVE the cute lil headscarf! Swap the sweatshorts for jeans and the bleach shirt for a t-short and VIOLA! You're fab n funky

  16. You are super cute, and thanks for keeping it real!