18 July 2012

{thankful} a post about food, of course

Is it weird that I am thankful for our grill?
Because I totally am.
We've been grilling almost every night, and I have come to the conclusion that nearly everything tastes better on the barbecue. 
Except maybe dessert.
Anyway, one thing that I've made twice this week because it's so fantastic is grilled pizza.
I won't go into how to do it, because this article is perfection. 
You'll be an expert after your first go, I swear.
What I will share with you is something else I discovered this week:
two year olds will eat zucchini if you grill it.
It's a little taste of heaven. And if you have even an inkling of the gardener in you,
or you know someone who does, you'll have a plethora of it this summer,
and you'll be like, "what am I going to do with all this dang zucchini?"
Grill it. I'm telling you.
First up, trim the ends and slice in half lengthwise.
Then marinate it. The longer the better, but let's be honest:
I did this right before I turned the grill on, so do it when you can.
I tossed it with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and fresh ground pepper. 

Once your grill is super hot, throw the zucchini on and cook
about five minutes per side.
Look at those pretty grill marks. 
I'm hungry.

And you're done.
Easy peasy, not at all mushy, kid friendly, delicious zucchini.
(and you can use the leftovers on your grilled pizza. you're welcome.)

Each week I host a link up for you to share what you are thankful for.
It is so easy to get bogged down by daily life, by the things that call for our attention,
by the disappointments and let downs, by responsibilities and the day to day, 
everyday mundane.
There is so much to be thankful for.
Whether it's something small that has warmed your heart,
or something huge that has taken your breath away. 
Chances are there have been a few moments this week that have given you a little hope for good things.
(Maybe it was grilled zucchini. Whatevs.)
I want to hear about it! Whether you link up a blog post or share in the comment section,
hearing about other people's triumphs - big or small - can shift our perspective.
And taking a little time to reflect on our week and look for the good can remind us
of all the goodness within reach. It does my heart good - I hope the same for you!

a punk, a pumpkin and a peanut
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  1. Dessert on the grill? You totally can!! Just add some sugar to the dough, and turn it into a dessert pizza! If you're lazy Papa Murphy's sells dessert pizzas that are AMAZING!! cinnamon streusal one with cream cheese dip and a s'mores one that is new and SOo good! So yeah you can even do dessert too ;-) That sounds like an amazing way to do zucchini!! I will totally have to try it!! I usually pick up some veggies and fruit every time we're at the farmer's market on Wednesdays so next time I'll have to look for zucchini! It's usually not my fave but that sounds good!

  2. we just got a grill at a garage sale last week and its been awesome!

  3. This looks so yummy and we love our grill too! ;) My hubby cooks on it year round.I can't wait to try this!

  4. Yes you can make dessert on the grill!

    Pineapple slices. Just peel and core the pineapple, slice it into rings, and grill them. THEN drizzle with chocolate sauce and add a little whipped cream if you want.

    I've heard that other fruits are good grilled, too. And, um, s'mores! By the time you're done eating dinner the charcoal will have burned into nice embers that are perfect for roasting over. And if you have a gas grill just turn it on low, or use the gas burners on the side (or on your oven inside!). I bet if you google "grilled dessert" you'd come up with a bunch of ideas. :) Who needs an oven in the summer?!? (Well. I do. Because I live in an apartment with no place for a grill anywhere. But that's beside the point. I know what I'd do with a grill if I had one. :D )

  5. Our grill is our best friend right now.
    that looks SO GOOD! and pizza is my fave on the grill.

    Do a dessert pizza on there. Or you slice open a banana (leave it in the skin) and stuff chocolate chips and marshmallows in it and throw it on the grill until melted.

  6. i love grilled zucchini! and i'm pretty sure some type of food item makes it onto my thankful thursday list almost every.single.week.

    thank you for your kind words of encouragement regarding adoption. i have enjoyed reading many of your own stories on your blog... you have such a beautiful family. the whole thing is a tad overwhelming, but we are so excited to start this new journey!

  7. oooow this sounds so delish.
    I never really have zucchini but i know i would totally like it!
    And i love that your thankful for your grill....:)

  8. Grills food is the best!! I even like veggies grilled that I don't like otherwise. :)

  9. I'm obsessed with grilled zucchini! Love, love, love! :)

  10. I love grilling! Steak and veggie kabobs are my favorites. We haven't been doing it much lately. I just love how grilling means I don't have to heat up the house cooking and with this heat that is very much appreciated!

  11. Thanks for hosting!


  12. Thanks for hosting! I found you via Cami at First Day of My Life and am now following. That zucchini looks so good!

  13. Agreed. Everything really does taste better on the grill. Love what you have done with the place here. Love the colors, Love the new button, Love Love Love!And on a total sidenote I had this thought... Hmm when she gets her baby girl she's going to have to change her blog name to Punk Pumpkin Peanut and Princess. These are the things that make me go Hmm...?

  14. someones been working on some header / button design!! lookin good friend. im posting on grilled pizza next week. it was deelish! xoxo

  15. This doesn't sound weird at all...I'd be thankful for a grill too, especially with delicious meals like that :) That's what I want...a grill. Soon..I hope ;)
    I agree - love your new button!! Did you make them? Great job :)

    Thanks for linking up to Thankful Thursday @ First Day of My Life!!
    Happy weekend!! oxoxo

  16. Everything tastes better on the grill because the husband does all of the grilling!