11 July 2012

{thankful} an adoption update

I have been wanting to share what's happening with the adoption for the last week or so, 
but we needed to get a few ducks in a row. 
There is no baby yet, but we have made a big change.
I told you about my sweet friend, Ashley, that sent me some manna from Heaven coffee a few weeks back. 
Well, in all our emailing about adoption, she told me about their decision to switch agencies.
 They'd been going through a smaller agency and found out about a national one that places hundreds of babies per year.
They've just recently started an African American program and there is a huge need for adoptive families.
The wait can be as short as two weeks.
We decided to pray about it, and what it came down to was this:
we want a baby that needs a home.
Our heart is to go where there is need, and it appears this could be it!
We talked to our caseworker at our original agency, and she was so encouraging,
and is going to keep us in their pool of waiting families as well.
So as of this week, we'll be with two agencies, continuing to wait and hope and pray 
for a sweet little baby to join us on our crazy adventure.

I am giddy excited about it, and really feel like God orchestrated me "meeting" Ashley.
Not only can we be adoptive mama buddies, but she may have a hand in us bringing home our next baby.
There is so much to be thankful for in all of this.
I can't wait to share more with you all very soon.
Thanks for journeying in this with us - the encouragement we've gotten through
this little blog has bolstered us through the last nine months of waiting.
So this week I am thankful for possibilities, new friendships, and you all.

Each week I host a link up for you to share what you are thankful for.
It is so easy to get bogged down by daily life, by the things that call for our attention,
by the disappointments and let downs, by responsibilities and the day to day, 
everyday mundane.
There is so much to be thankful for.
Whether it's something small that has warmed your heart,
or something huge that has taken your breath away. 
Chances are there have been a few moments this week that have given you a little hope for good things.
I want to hear about it! Whether you link up a blog post or share in the comment section,
hearing about other people's triumphs - big or small - can shift our perspective.
And taking a little time to reflect on our week and look for the good can remind us
of all the goodness within reach. It does my heart good - I hope the same for you!

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  1. Ahh Carina I love this post. Isn't it amazing how God leads us to the right people at just the right time? Sometimes we don't even realize it until later! Even better when we get to become great friends with those people too! Praying for you that God's perfect plan would unfold!

  2. That is so awesome to hear, friend. I'm so excited for u guys! In all of this waiting, and wondering, god has always had a solid and unwavering plan for u guys. He has known from the start who your little baby is, and where you will find them. Love u <3

  3. I am SO excited about you! praying for the baby who will join your family!! <3

  4. I'm so excited for your family. How amazing will it be to look back after you have that sweet baby in your arms and see how God was working in all of the little details! I can't wait to see the baby God has for you! :)

  5. This sounds like it could be really awesome news and a blessing for you guys.

    Wishing you such good luck :)


  6. YAY! such exciting news! Thank you for keeping us in the loop :)

  7. aw! so excited for you and your family! Great blog :)
    New follower here!


  8. That's awesome! Can't wait to hear that a little blessing is joining your family! :)

  9. Just found your blog through the we blog for adoption facebook group! Have you enjoyed perusing your page. I have a post I'm publishing tomorrow that I'll link to this! Love finding great places to link up to others!

  10. Carina that is so great. It's funny how just a simply perspective shift like that can change so much. I'm also so grateful for those friends that come into our lives by divine appointment. So great.

  11. I'm so thankful to have found your blog! It is so random that I was led to you through something totally unrelated on twitter (ah the mysterious ways :)). One of my dearest friends is going through the adoption process and I just know how much she will be comforted by reading through your stories. As an adopted child myself I can only help her with my side of the story and I'm so happy to be able to send her a link to you. I just know reading through your posts will help her gain perspective and allow her to anticipate the joys that are soon to come!

    Today I'm thankful for you!


  12. It's such a HUGE BLESSING to us knowing that our journey through adoption has been used by God to bless another family and their journey, too. So crazy how the Lord works & I LOOOVE it! There are FIVE couples on the page right now...I am dying for somebody. anybody. to be chosen (preferably us!)...and I cannot wait to see your beautiful faces up on the waiting family page, too! Woohoo! Our babies can be friends! =)

  13. this is so exciting! I can't wait to hear more!