20 July 2012

shop update and a fun giveaway announcement

I've been working hard on adding a bunch of fun new jewelry to the shop.
If you follow me on twitter or instagram, I apologize for blowing up your feed,
I just get really excited with each new creation.
Did you know that each item benefits our adoption? 
I started my little shop last year as a way to bring in some money to help out with the cost of the process, 
and it's turned into a little passion of mine.
I love making sweet, pretty pieces that I hope people love wearing!

To show my appreciation for all of you who put up with my etsy tweets and insta posts,
I've got a fun little surprise.
For the next three weeks I am going to do four random giveaways.
All you have to do is follow me on
 instagram (@itscarinalee) or 
twitter (@carinalee)

I will post a photo on both of the item from my shop that I am giving away
 and you'll have three chances to win!
All you have to do is:
-like the photo
-favorite the tweet

I'll choose a winner and send you your goods!
It's easy and fun and a way of saying thank you to all of you for all the love.
Are you in?


  1. love this! you are doing awesome!

  2. Your necklaces are gorgeous! Going to check out your shop! New follower. :)

  3. Your necklaces are SO pretty. I love them, all! Can't wait to wear mine. And, to try and win one. How fun and sweet of you!

  4. Awesome! I'm following your Instagram now! (@cshels)

  5. This is such a fun way to bring awareness of your shop while having a giveaway! I love it!

  6. I am obsessed with your necklaces. I actually was just browsing your shop. Also, I am obsessed with your simplistic blog design. I want to simplify my own design but I am terrified of HTML. Any tips?

  7. Started following you on twitter and ig :)