05 July 2012

insta-lovin' friday


This week we road tripped east of the mountains for a little getaway with my in laws.
The boys loved chasing their cousins around and watched Annie 12 times.
We went swimming, ate a lot of good food, sipped some really good wine,
colored with sidewalk chalk and had our own bike parade.
Nick and I snuck out for happy hour, I attempted some Heidi braids,
and basically enjoyed four full days of family and relaxation and sunshine.

And now we're home, and the laundry is calling my name, the yard needs some serious attention,
but I am with my boys. My husband doesn't go back to work for a few days, 
and we all get to sleep in our own cozy beds.
Life is good. 

life rearranged


  1. Love Instagram. All your pictures are great. Happy to know life is going good for you. I can see it :)

  2. looks like you guys had a great time. im jealous of that glass of wine. xoxo

  3. and that you can pull off those red sunglasses. super jeal.

  4. i love your Heidi braids!! do that to mine please!? :) though i dont think it would look as cute as you on me. love that yall had your own bike parade. SO fun, such great memories you are giving them!!

  5. Great quote and adorable family! Love the sidewalk art pic...found you on Insta-Friday linkup.

  6. love these pics.. and your hair... =) but mostly i love the outreach you set your family on.. that rocks!!
    so many people need Jesus. so many more need to learn how to share him.

  7. Hi-I am your newest follower over from the blog hop. My back seat looks like yours. 3 seats crammed right in there. People tell me how crazy it looks all the time. :) That's why I am coocoo. But I wouldn't have it any other way.