28 July 2012

ashley talks adoption

Happy weekend, friends!
I have a special treat for you today - my good friend Ashley is here to tell you a little bit
about her adoption journey. She is all kinds of awesome... see for yourself!

Hey there!  My name is Ashley from The Little O'Brien Family and Carina was crazy enough sweet enough to ask me to guest blog while she is outta town!  Carina and I met thanks to the power of the web & quickly bonded over two things: Coffee & adoption and I am so grateful for knowing her & the many emails we've exchanged swapping adoption stories & encouragement! 

My husband Matthew and I are also adopting, but for us this will be our first child!  We started the process in February & have breezed though most of it, but if the girl I am today could speak to the girl I was in February I would tell myself three things:

1. Patience.  Have it.
It's true. I am so not the girl who is patient and most of the adoption process is waiting.  Waiting for a seminar, an appointment, a home study, an approval a baby.  See what I mean?  I am glad that I have a God who loves me and has been doing a work in me.  The adoption process is so much for fun with an extra dose of patience. 

2. Home study.  Piece of cake.
I was actually slightly disappointed in how anti-climatic it was. People talk about how nerve-wrecking it was & we actually found it kinda pleasant!...I would also tell myself that there is no need to go crazy on the cleaning.  Our social worker did not count the number of dust bunnies in   A nice tidying will do.

3. Trials.  Expect them.
Now, the trials?  You read all about 'em.  You go on websites, forums, blogs & you see the families who go through such difficult things & we prayed that it would never be us.  Unfortunately, we had to experience trials too.  The biggest was an adoption for a baby boy falling through.  We were matched but felt we couldn't move forward for many different reasons.  We thank God for the people he put in our path throughout our adoption adventure who protected us from this awful situation.  He is good & we praise Him for this.  Unfortunately that means we are no longer expecting a boy.  We're back to waitin' on our baby...I'm gonna need to pray for more patience...

So as we struggled with all of this, a blog called Give 1 Save 1 emailed us asking if we'd like to be a featured family on their site!  Our answer to them was a very simple "HECK YES!"  For those who don't know about Give1 Save1 it's a site that started for families working on raising money for their international adoptions from Africa.  Basically, the family introduces themselves with a short video and asks friends, family & strangers to donate $1 to their adoption.  Now, Give1 Save1 has expanded this blog to us over here working through a domestic adoption & we get to help launch the site as Featured Family Numero Dos!  We will be featured Sunday, July 29th through August 5th and would be so grateful if you would open up your hearts and donate $1 to our adoption, we'd be so grateful if you helped us spread the word by sharing this video and asking for support from others and we'd be eternally grateful if you join us in prayer for our sweet baby we are waiting to meet & that the Lord multiply all that is donated so we can be ready for our little man or lady!

Make sure you come on by & say hello over on my blog & we'd love for you to follow, because there is nothing we could use more than encouragment & prayers!  Have a lovely day, friends!  

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