20 June 2012

{thankful} in photos.

While I was on the train to Portland a few weeks ago, my phone decided to die.
Super convenient for a mother of three who has just left her children behind and whose husband forgot his phone at home. 
You might think I was super bummed, being the crazy social media lady I am.
But. It was nice to have a little break from constant connectedness and it was also all the inspiration
my husband needed to get me an iPhone for my birthday.
I love him and his non-techy ways and how he indulged something he doesn't really care much about.
I am in love with the camera+ app and instagram, obviously.
So this week, I'm thankful for a new shiny phone and all the fun photos that come with it, and all the things in those photos that show a little bit of the life I am blessed to be in.

birthdays, trips to the park, brother bath time, poolside hangouts, dance parties,
cheesecake bars, fresh summer smoothies, free sandals and a gorgeous evening sky.
life is good.


What are you thankful for this week?
Link up your stories of gratitude - big or small,
through blessings, difficult times, time with ones you love,
finished projects, a special treat... whatever makes your heart glad this week,
we want to hear about it!

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  1. Love the pics Carina. I posted this week about needed to get better about putting down that blasted phone, but I am thankful for it too. Who's b-day was it?

  2. What timing for your phone dying!!! But seriously awesome to get an iPhone out of it!! I am a tad bit jealous!! (but mostly for the camera ;) ) I am liking those sandals!! They work so well for being up in the PNW! Goodness- those cheesecake bars- recipe?!?! They look amazing!!! love the cloud shot. And all the sweet shots of your little men :) Thank you for sharing! Linking up (with my own linkup!!) :) Thankful this week for: getting to do jelly beans instead of that orange stuff for the glucose test, my amazing husband being there so many times lately even just in a hug, bright orange nail polish just for fun, and, time with my family. <3

  3. Carina, I am trying to add the thankful link at the bottom of my blog, and it won't work :S


  4. yay for the phone upgrade:) love all of your instagram photos! my favorite is the one of all of your little super heros in the kitchen... precious. thanks for linking up! happy thursday!

  5. Ohmygoooosh I LOVE YOUR PHOTOS :) You have done a beautiful job taking them. What a beautiful life you live <3
    What is in that mason jar? Looks deliciousssss
    Happy Thankful Thursday <3

  6. Oh man... I LOOOVE Instagram!!! Such a fun addiction! :)

  7. Love the photos! Your family is so beautiful!...and nice sandals! Free is the BEST price!

  8. Happy {belated} Birthday!

    I'm starting to be bitten by the iPhone bug. It's going to take me quite awhile to cave in though. I just can't get over how nice of pictures it takes. That's the draw for me.

  9. sorry about your phone but happy you got a shiny new one for your birthday!

    it is kind of nice to be unplugged sometimes for an extended period of time, isn't it...?!

  10. Is he dancing in his Spiderman costume? If so...awesome.