14 June 2012

{thankful} the end of an era (kind of.)

Last week I was thankful for Lute,
and this week I am thankful for him again. 
The same thing two weeks in a row, sorry.
Today was the last day of preschool and it was a little more than this mama heart could handle.
I didn't expect the welling of emotion that overtook me as I helped him get ready for school
and snapped a few photos.
It suddenly seemed so momentous. My sweet little preschooler is a big kid, a kindergartner.
It's like a rite of passage I wasn't quite prepared for on a dreary Wednesday morning.

the first day of preschool and the last. sniff.

Lute, you are the best. 
You brighten my days and keep me on my toes. You are super inquisitive,
eager to learn, oh so funny (you get it from me, don't let Daddy tell you any different),
a little bit dramatic at times,
and you definitely have a flair for style (also me).
I love you, buddy, so so much. But stop growing, mkay?
My heart can't take much more.
Love you forever,


What's your heart grateful for this week?

a punk, a pumpkin and a peanut

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  1. The style part, oh so true. The other day when he was soooo cold but had forgotten his jacket, and I took him into my closet and told him he could pick anything of mine or dads, he looked and looked and looked some more. I took out different options: an orange sweatshirt of mine..."no thanks". Then, thinking he didn't want to wear a girl shirt, I showed him a gray sweatshirt of dads... "no thanks". Then I figured he knew the sleeves would be too long so I offered tshirt after tshirt. He carefully considered each one but ultimately refused them all. In his ohsopolite way he said, "It's OK gramma, I'll just be cold". Yes, definitely got his fashion sense from you.
    And now you are making me cry :-(
    But honestly, I remember your last day of preschool like it was yesterday! Honestly. And the truth is, kids change with each passing month, but they just fill your heart more every day!

  2. Sigh... these moments in life they catch you by surprise don't they. I think it's kind of funny that now when something like a graduation or wedding comes along my kids look at me like, "Are you going to cry mom?" I'll even catch them looking out of the corner of their eyes when we are watching a movie and they think it will make me cry. I am embracing the inner-now outer weepy mom as I age. Thanks again for the link up and this week I got weepy, but mostly grateful for my sisterhood. The bloggy sisterhood as well. On a total random side-note I can't believe that I missed you at the PNW bloggy conference ... ugh! That will not happen again. NOPE!

  3. What a cutie! You can really see him grow in those pictures, from that little baby face to a little man! Love the tie!

  4. He is SUCH a doll. Not sure how I am going to be when these things start happening!

  5. You're son is sooo cute! I love that little tie!

    I found this link-up through Kaylee@Life Chasers. I love the idea! It may have to become one of my regular link-ups!

  6. definitely stylish! and adorable :)

  7. Okay, this has made me so sad! I am already upset that my baby is growing up too fast...and he or she isn't even born yet! Haha...but I do look forward to the day when they are pre-school aged! How much fun is that, right!?

    You have a very handsome little man. He's gonna rock at Kindergarten!

  8. I soooooo get it! I just wrote such a similar post :) I just wish I could come over with coffee and muffins and cheer you up :)

  9. i cant believe how much he changed in a year! i am about to cry at this post. i can't imagine being there one day... but i will be for sure. crying at preschool graduation and everything... so you can't make fun when i tell you about it.

  10. He's so precious!