14 June 2012

a super easy and cute little gift idea

I've got the perfect Father's Day gift for you. And actually, you could use it 
for just about any occasion, for pretty much anyone you love. 
You'll get plenty of oohs and ahhs for it, too.

My dad's birthday was last weekend, and the guy is not easy to shop for. 
I feel bad because I usually get him coffee, clothes or gift cards. Like, for the last 30 years.
I wanted to do something fun and different and include the dudes.
I happened to have a frame with room for three photos, which inspired this:

If you have kids, you know it's basically impossible to get them all looking at the camera at the same time without one being silly, or another one starting to cry, or whatever.
So, I thought it'd be in my best interest (aka sanity) to take individual shots.
Adding in the words "we love papa" takes the cuteness factor up about 25 notches.

Here are my tips for the best photos:

choose a spot that has an empty background with nothing to distract your eye.
consistency is key.

your kids may take amazing photos on the first go, mine do not.
and I don't trust my judgement with the teeny tiny preview screen on my camera. 
cover your bases. or at least keep going until your kid starts screeching. (for me that's 5 photos.)

I wanted the all of the kids to be the same proportion to the frame,
and my photos seemed a little dark.
this is where editing is key. crop the shots so they look about the same size. 
I used Aperture to edit, and preset my photo size to 5x7.
I brightened them, upped the exposure, increased the contrast, etc.
if you don't have a program, I love love love PicMonkey
and it's free, so what more could you ask for?

once that's all done, just print them out and stick them in a frame.

This little project is super versatile... you can do it with one kid or ten.
You can do it with no kids at all and pose in your own photos, or with your siblings
or your spouse... or pretty much whatever.

Every single member of my family was so in love with this idea and it's so simple, affordable and personal 
(and perfect for procrastinators. ahem.), you can't go wrong!

That's my kind of diy. 

Happy weekend, lovelies!


  1. LOVE.
    it takes about 4,673 shots to get a clear one of eg :)

  2. Love the idea!! I've seen it floating around on Pinterest but had totally forgotten about it! Good tips too for getting it to turn out ;) I can't say I haven't used bribery before!!!

  3. This is such a great idea!! Your boys are so adorable!!

  4. i love it. i havent gotten phil anything. or made anything. isnt that horrible. ugh. this is a good idea. do ineed 3 kids to do it? haha jk.

  5. Darn it....need one more kid. I'll grab a neighbor kid!!!

    I love this idea!!!! Going to try and remember it for next year!!

    Your boys are so adorable!!!

  6. so, so, so cute! i just wish i had seen this before the night before father's day! ;)