07 June 2012

huge, giant birthday giveaway day!

You guys, seriously. When I mentioned doing a giveaway for my birthday, 
I had no idea that my bloggy friends would come through like this.
We have some serious loot for you today, you're gonna want to check this.
Also, each and every one of these women is absolutely lovely to the core.
Follow their blogs, become their friends, you will not regret it.
hi! i'm danielle and i blog at take heart. i like to write about my life as a mom to three little ones, it makes me appreciate the day to day more, and it makes me realize i am not alone in the insanity that is three kids four and under :) 

Not everything is perfect in my life,
but it doesn’t have to be as long as I give it my all
with joy and kindness towards the people that matter.
My daily life consists of ensuring the safety of a toddler 
while trying to keep a clean and organized home, 
cooking dinner, 
and making time for do-it-yourself projects.
Lovingly Thrown Together has become the place where I share stories 
of my mishaps and accomplishments in the fields of motherhood and domesticity.  

My name is Mae and I blog over at Two Hoots and a Holler, a lifestyle blog with a focus on everything from DIY to adoption. In honor of our awesome friend Carina, I'd like to give you a few of my favorite June essentials!

HEY THERE PARTY PEOPLE - It's Maddie at Thriftary. I love to blog about doing more while using less. I also write about my nonsense life, burley husband, wiley boxer pup, decorating our little bungalow, feeding our chickens & growing our garden, making delicious treats and cocktails, playing dress-up, and loving our little city life in Denver, CO. So I guess you could say I cover anything and everything. Come on by and check out the site some time! I promise... I won't bite. Cheers.

happy birthday, carina! 
happy days is about what's on my heart: encouragement for others, parenting with autism, adoption, favorite finds and more!
i love coffee, cupcakes, old books, hip-hop and social media. 
oh, and i've recently opened my shop, full of happy, colorful earrings just for you!

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Hi there! I am Laura from Bits of Splendor.
I'm a writer, runner, jewelry designer, mama of 3, wife to one, Target's #1 fan and lover of Jesus.

I'm Joy and I blog at Small Town Joy. 
In our Small Town we talk about our faith, family, life with foster care and our journey through our son Riley's eye disease, Pars Planitis. We serve a great big God and we love to tell about the overflow He constantly supplies up with daily. We're navigating through our Summer bucket list right now.
 Life is never boring and God is good, all the time!

Hi I'm Aly, wife to my high school sweetheart and a stay-at-home mama of two beautiful girls. I pretty much can't live without coffee and God's Word and all things handmade.

Hi! My name is Laura! I blog over at A Day in the Life about the adventures of our family of 3 (soon to be 4) in the Pacific Northwest.
I am just me- outside the box, unique & loving life! 
I enjoy writing about our 4-year old son, photography, creative ideas, and fun, random thoughts about life.
Crafting is one of my favorite things to do! I wanted to share some of that with you by offering one lucky reader a beautiful, handmade bird bookmark.

All of this amazing goodness is going to one lucky lady!
Winner will be chosen Monday - best of luck to you all!


  1. My happiest birthday memory? I have two. The day that each one of my beautiful daughters were born. No, wait, I have 4 more, they are named Lute, Eddie, George, and Lola.

  2. Hmmmm…..my husband (we weren't dating at the time) called me on my 21st birthday. That's when I realized he was interested in me. It was a happy moment for sure! <3

  3. dang! holy giveaway!! favorite birthday memory?? i think probably last year when i turned the big 3-0 and realized entering your thirties really isn't all that bad when you are surrounded by the ones you love!

  4. I LOVE huge parties... But for my 23rd birthday we had been married about 3 weeks and were brand new to Denver (and knew no one). Also we barely had one job between us and were broke as a joke... So Hunter packed up a picnic and took me to City Park to ride the paddle boats on the lake. It was one of my loveliest birthday mems to date :)

  5. My happiest birthday memory is from this birthday this year. I was surprised with a delicious dinner and a DQ birthday cake! YUM!

  6. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear beautiful Carina...happy birthday to yoooou!! :) ox
    Hope you have a lovely, amazing, FUN day!

    I can't think of my favorite bday memory...hmm...every bday is amazing when I can share it with friends & family! I would have to say my 22 birthday, though. A bunch of friends went to a beach condo...hung out...had fun ;)...stayed up way too late...and it was just the most amazing birthday ever <3

  7. My hubby and I went to one of the best steak places here in seattle and then we saw a movie. It was super fun and delicious!!

  8. Happy Birthday beautiful friend!

  9. happy birthday! My best birthday memories are just hanging out with friends on warm summer days!

  10. My happiest birthday memory?

    My mom passed last February, so all of my birthday memories of her are extraordinarily special. On my 18th birthday, she woke me up extremely early. It was my first year of college, but I was living at home because I wasn't yet 18. She had a bunch of balloons for me, presents, and a delicious pancake breakfast waiting downstairs. She serenaded me and sent me on my way.

    My 10th birthday was also pretty awesome. My dad's birthday is just 4 days after mine. He and I went to a diner and had to do the Twist together in front of the entire restaurant. I'm a daddy's girl, so it's still a really special moment for me :)

    Happy Birthday, pretty lady!

  11. happiest birthday memory is well, this last one in May. i think i've come to that place in life where i am so very content that anything more is just icing on the cake. God provided for us a beautiful bbq with family, and was overwhelmed with love from everyone.

  12. My happiest birthday memory is my sweet 16 party!

  13. So proud of you for all you've done with the blog, carina! best birthday memory: being surprised, each and every time it's happened. :) happy birthday to YOU today!!

  14. this is a fantastic giveaway! happy birthday girl!!! :)

  15. oops - happiest birthday memory? probably the last two. cruising europe! super awesome :)

  16. Happy Birthday! So generous of you to host a giveaway when its YOUR birthday!

  17. Happy Birthday Lady! OH My GOONA! That is quite the give away. Love love love the generosity of the blogging community!

    1. Oh my happiest birthday memory... wow that's a good one I think when I turned 21 and me and MY Giant went gambling at Lake Tahoe, that was a great, great day ;)

  18. My happiest birthday memory was 3 years ago, when I had first started dating my boyfriend. He took me out for steak, and his present was a box of books. I knew he was a keeper right then. :)

  19. Great giveaway! And Happy Birthday! One of my favorite memories was the year my husband and I were dating. He planned a picnic for me at my parent's lake - complete with quilt, and a "boom box" (remember those?) to play "our song" - Nat King Cole's Unforgettable. :) It was a great day!

  20. Happy Birthday girl!! AWESOME giveaway!
    UMM favorite birthday memory? This past year my hubs planned the whole day & filled it with things I love...so great!

  21. My happiest birthday memory is... probably my 21st birthday. I had like a week's worth of celebrations with everyone I love!

  22. hmm.happiest bday memory: my first bday as a mommy. It somehow gave a whole new meaning to MY birthday. :) LOVE YOU!!!!

  23. Such a great blog!!! I love it!

    Would you like to follow each others blog via GFC and Bloglovin in order to keep in touch?

    Lots of love,


  24. favorite birthday memory...surprise birthday party my parents had for my 18th birthday...and I hate surprises.

  25. My friends threw my a surprise party when I turned 16. That was the coolest!

  26. So glad i found your blog. Love that you love the Lord!

  27. My happiest birthday memory is when my sister and her best friend dressed up as clowns for me. We played some really goofy games; one was 'unwrap a stick of gum with oversized gloves on.' Weird! Afterwards, we did the Macarena! HA!

  28. My happiest birthday memory was on my November 25 2008 when my boyfriend (NOW husband) took me on a fairy tale date downtown in Austin, Texas (went to school nearby at that time) to a yummy mexican food place, carriage ride through down town & over town lake, followed by a lovely stroll to a candle lit proposal sight where he sang me a love song that he wrote & at the end got down on one knee to ask me to be his wife & his happy for life! (I said YES!) Best yet! Most likely, ever!

  29. For my 16th birthday my parents threw me a surprise party. We just moved to a small town that I hated ( we lived in a mid sized city before we moved) and I didnt know anyone yet. My brother invited everyone from the small private school he went to and everyone I worked with at our restaurant my parents managed. ( I was still being homeschooled so I really didnt know anyone from school yet). It was a great time and I met a lot of great people!