22 June 2012

flashback friday: it's the little moments

{inspired by Noel and her Flashback Friday linkup, I am sharing a post today from early last year that is a very timely reminder for me in the craziness that is our every day.}

Let me start by saying that today was a doozy. I mean, seriously children, could you cut a girl a break? We put garbage bags in George's windows last night to prevent the early morning wake up call. Thankfully, he didn't rise at the first hint of sunlight (4:25am this week) as he has for the past several days, but 6 o'clock wasn't really that welcome either. His screeching is so unbearably loud, no matter what attention you show him, that it has the pleasant effect of waking his brothers almost instantly. Happy summer, one and all.

Today was also a day in which every move one boy made inevitably irked another, which resulted in loud grunting, yelping, or straight up wailing. If one kid had a toy, the other one wanted it. If you handed someone a cup of milk .34 seconds before another, prepare yourself for disaster. I am not ashamed to say that for sanity's sake, they may have watched a little too much TV today. As my husband likes to say when I get down on myself for letting Bert and Ernie babysit, "Survive and advance, honey." Sometimes those sports sayings really do comfort a girl in distress. 

And that is what I did. We got through the day. I felt relieved as I tucked the second baby in and headed downstairs to eat my dinner and play with Lute before his bedtime rolled around. The last thing I felt like doing was playing another game of "Monster Tag" (his own creation), but I knew he had some energy to exert, so I put on my brave face and chased him round and round as he belly laughed in utter delight. Finally, I told him to pick out a few books so we could snuggle up before bed.

We read a couple of oldies, ones I've been reading to him since he was a wee baby. Despite the worn pages, and words he's heard over a hundred times, he still found joy in the stories, laughing along with those crazy dinosaurs he has grown so familiar with. In his innocent laughter, my heart began to ache and I surprised myself as tears sprung to my eyes. 
Here he was, my very smart, grown up four year old who was still so full of his baby ways. All he wanted was to be in my arms, listening to my silly voices, pouring over pages together and soaking it all in. 

In that moment, my heart and head filled with the knowledge that these are the most precious moments in life. 
The mundane, ordinary day-to-day gifts of just being together, doing regular stuff.
 I realized how crucial it is to let the joy of it envelop me, because before long it will be over. He'll be big and independent and not nearly as interested in me as I am in him. 
Right now I am Mama, and he'll take every moment he can get. 
What greater honor is there than that? 

So on days like today, where I would really, really like to let someone else take over, I want and need to remember what a gift it is to love and be loved by these three little rascals. 
I couldn't ask for anything more.


  1. Ahhh, Carina I love this. Ha ha ha "Survive and Advance" I love that ,such a good way to approach "those" days. I only have one left who thinks I am still so wise and fun and amazing. I mean the other 3 love me but My baby will be 8 in July and every time I shower and look at his 1000 cars that are all littered around the tub I get sentimental. Someday, comes so fast. Great reminder to enjoy the moments. Thank you so much for linking up.

  2. I'm at summer camp right now, and I miss my little brother so much, (He's 8 and I'm 14) This post was so sweet, you literally made me cry. Thanks for the inspiration.


  3. You weren't kidding about the mornings starting early! we had that problem with Andrew and finally put up the thinner fleece blankets. (which, lol are Christmas themed!) They are still up! And he now sleeps at least a little better. Ahh if children only came with mute right?! Some days you know, it's just going to be a lot of one-on-one with Bert & Ernie. But that is ok. It's not every day. Sometimes making it through the next five minutes without losing it is the important thing; not how "educational" or "beneficial" the kiddos' certain activity at the moment is! Take heart :) Good reminder with "monster tag" for myself. I tend to just brush off the things like that if I am too tired or just not in the mood. But, saying "no" over and over starts to add up. What are some of your favorite oldie-goodie books? Some faves of ours- Make way for ducklings, peekaboo kisses (not old but longtime favorite) and "you are my i love you". Happy weekend! And may you sleep at least a few minutes past 6!!

  4. Hold onto those moments! My girls are 14, almost 12, and almost 10...they change so much in a short amount of time! Have to say though, I have to wake them up to get them going or they'd sleep half the day away SO don't fear- you will get to sleep late again in the future ;)

  5. It's nice that you can notice and remember those moments even in the midst of the crazy busyness that children bring you!

  6. I needed this perspective friend. thank you xo