18 June 2012

chocolate and thrifting

If you've been around here awhile, you probably know that I live for coffee and chocolate.
It's a sickness, really. I can't think of a day I don't at least have a nibble of chocolate and three cups of coffee. 
There are worse vices, I think. Maybe.

Anyway, last week I had the pleasure of going on a lunch date with my sister and my dad during my weekly breather. When we'd finished up, I had a little over an hour to spare, which obviously meant that I was going thrifting. 
I found a few things I, of course, just had to have, including a vintage tablecloth and a wool minidress from the 60s that I hope I actually wear. 
As I was leaving I noticed something I now wish I could erase from my mind completely.
Right there, next to my favorite Goodwill, was a chocolate factory. And it had a retail store.
Filled with samples. Frack.

Coincidentally, I still needed to get my Grandpa's Father's Day gift, and since his sweet tooth is even stronger than mine, I wandered in. 
I'm not talking subpar chocolate here, people. I am talking the good stuff. Truffles and truffle bars in flavors one only dreams of, all natural and 100% kosher.
And here is the kicker. The thing that is sure to lead me down a path of doom:
two wall to wall, industrial sized shelves filled to the brim with hundreds of bags like this:

Each bag filled with over a pound of factory seconds. The same delicious chocolate, just broken or stuck together.
For five bucks.
Cappuccino Crunch, Sea Salt, Peanut Butter, Champagne, Extreme Dark: about a bajillion divine flavors calling me to them. 
My chocolate doesn't have to be pretty for me to love it. 
I don't discriminate like that.

I managed to walk out with 2 pounds of chocolate for my Gramps, and only two bags for me my dudes. 

Ugh. Like I said, I wish I had some brain bleach right now. This could be dangerous.

(psst. 15% off all week in the shop with the code 'summerlove'!)


  1. Whoa now...what is your favorite kind of coffee? Ground, whole bean? Kcups? Brand? Better tell me now...I may have a special surprise for you!!!

  2. since we're both in seattle, where in the world is this chocolate factory? is it boems? you'll have tell me!!! i'm dying to know right now!!

    i'm on a super health kick right now, so chocolate is sooooo out, but it's not gone for good, just for a while!!!

    and, i cannot believe you have a sitter every friday. i am so jealous!

  3. I feel your pain. Non-recovering addict over here.

  4. OMG I wish this place was next to my house! Wait, no I don't! (Yes, I do!).

  5. Oh goodness girl! I totally understand, I LOVE chocolate =) My dad even travelled around Europe and bought chocolate in each country for me to test =) Was awesome!!!
    We could be friends ;) as long as we have seperate bags I feel =)
    Much Love!


  6. don't tell me where it is because i might make my way there asap. right now i'm craving chocolate cake with chocolate icing. not good.

  7. "My chocolate doesn't have to be pretty for me to love it. I don't discriminate like that." - LOL! I know how you feel. And that store would be my doom as well.

    (um, share?)

  8. That store would be heaven for me.

  9. I don't share your love of coffee, but chocolate and I have a thing, so I was def. saying "oh yum" and "wow" in my head as I read this ;) I also love thrifting, and it it sounds like you had just about the perfect lunchtime adventure!

  10. I'm right there with you...I live for chocolate and coffee! Those favors all sound amazing!

  11. It would be to my demise if there were a chocolate factory right next to my thrift stores...aaaaaaaaaahhh...but so cool to give awesome "seconds" for gifts!



  13. This is just one of the reasons we are friends...coffee and chocolate. xoxo

  14. That is a bad bad bad combination!!! lol Thrift store AND a chocolate store with FIVE DOLLAR bags/!?!?! Yeah seriously who cares if it's the "duds". That is awesome. Awesomely bad!! lol. I want some now. Those flavors sound so ridiculously good!!!!!