04 June 2012

34 hours on vacation

It doesn't take much to get my sanity back.
Nick and I took the train south to Portland last weekend for 34 glorious hours.
It was super low key, meandering the city streets, sipping coffee,
wandering the farmers market, strolling across the Hawthorne bridge,
perusing endless aisles of books.
Sleeping in.
We weren't corralling, hushing, wrangling, or chasing little people.
It was magical.

If you've ever wondered if Portlandia is an accurate portrayal of Portland culture,
it is.
I went to my first ever blogger meet up and it was supah fun. 
I got to hang with Erika, and met tons of other lovelies.
The city is celebrating my birthday! Can you even believe it?

34 hours alone with Nick exploring city streets: perfect start to the birthday week.

linking up with heather and laura today!


  1. Oh that does soound so lovely! Happy Birthday week!

  2. That sounds like a great little vacation!! Your iced coffee looks so delicious! :)

  3. where you at the PNW blogger meet up too?! dang...i hope to go to the next one...it looked like so much fun! Happy birthday!

  4. Ahh bliss. :) You really need that sometimes! Especially as a parent, but most definitely to rejuvenate the marriage! It's amazing what 34 hours alone can do to the soul! Looks like you guys had fun! We've been to Portland before to see family but I would love to go back and hit a few spots we've never been to, like some of the places you highlighted! What fun!

  5. Just read through all your adoption posts, you are so inspiring to me. So happy to have met you and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  6. sounds amazing and so fun! that last picture of you two is so cute :)

  7. Looks like an amazing time!!! And that iced coffee drink looks mighty good!!!

  8. Bah ha ha! I love Portlandia and I completely agree! That show is even funnier if you live anywhere in the PNW. Yay! So happy for you to have vacation time with your hubby, and happy birthday!

  9. Oh happy happy birthday friend!! Sounds like a perfect trip :)

  10. Carina, these are great!!! Happy early birthday, I am so so happy for you guys that you got a little escape! I can't believe that window, you're gonna be 34? And that was there?! SO cool---I want to get to Portland one day, onnnnnnnne daaaaaaaaaay.............


  11. Hi Carina -

    I'm new to your blog, visiting you from Heather's link up. I wanted to say hello and introduce myself because right now I am feeling incredibly blessed to have found a community to connect with so many other sisters in Christ! Well, that, and I really love the vibe of your blog. :)

    Your adoption stories are so inspiring. The world needs more people like you and your husband. Happy Birthday Week to you...and a wonderful weekend!