10 May 2012

a whole lot of instagram love

I am basically in love with instagram.
And if you follow me (itscarinalee), you know I love a few other things:
my kids, food, and shoes. 
I mean, I post other stuff, but that's pretty much the gist of it.

chillin' out with aladdin after naps.

we went on a date.

oh georgie, i love you in every way.

a couple of kids got a couple of haircuts after their dad told me they looked like Beatles.

my three superheroes keep me safe.
("mama, buzz lightyear is not a superhero, ok?" i know nothing.)

the weather here is suddenly gorgeous, so we went for a little trail walk/jog.
that's a wog.
we made it a mile and a half! with a 5 year old, that's like a marathon.
with two 2 year olds, it's NBD. especially if you stick them in the jogger 
and hand them a giant ziploc of popcorn.

my awesomely amazing man stayed home from work one day this week 
to till up our entire front yard, which was nothing but dandelions. 
i am pinning garden ideas like a crazy lady.
blinged out nails and an iced americano. it's just how i do things. 
(actual truth: my nail polish is almost always chipped and sad.)

somehow my child found scissors (how? i can never find them. ever.) and cut up the elbow of my favorite jacket. hence, very trendy (?) diy elbow patches. 
yep, that's how i felt about it, too, buddy. 
stay away from the scissors.

linking up for instafriday with jeanett! join us?
happy weekend!
come back on sunday for a mother's day giveaway...
i've been working on some pretties just for you!


  1. haha way to make the best of a bad situation!

  2. I am so addicted to Instragram. The boys hair cuts look fab! and I'm sorry about your jacket but it totally rocks with the elbow patches.

  3. love the Instagram view of your week! I'm inspired by your "for my yard" pins, I too have more weeds than grass right now...big project!

  4. i love instagram too! i just got it for my phone!!