20 May 2012

this week's meal plan and a crazy good sandwich

I didn't plan our meals last week and pretty much every night I was scrambling
or just gave up and made grilled cheese or pb+j. Some weeks are just like that.
But I love having a plan so I can just feel ready for the week, no need to run to the store,
and end up saving money in the process. 
I am trying to make leaner, lighter meals these days...
Here is this week's plan - maybe it'll give you a little inspiration!

Monday: Lean Beef Stroganoff with baked potatoes and salad

Tuesday: Braised Balsamic Chicken with whole wheat spaghetti and fresh green beans

Wednesday: Grilled Salmon Teriyaki with rice and broccoli 
                          *if you aren't into fish, use chicken. but the salmon is amazing this time of year!

Thursday: leftovers

Saturday: Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches (recipe below) and fruit salad

Sunday: Turkey Burgers, macaroni salad and raw veggies

Okay, so here is the story with the sandwich. Because, obviously every sandwich has one?

Anyway, there used to be the most charming little fancy cheese shop in our neighborhood that also sold out of this world sandwiches. But it was tucked into the back of a strip mall off the main road. You had to know it was there or hear from a friend in order to find it, and so, sadly, it went out of business. And it really was sad because they had these buffalo chicken sandwiches that we used to dream of and crave weekly.

Since the cute little shop is no more, I attempted to recreate this tasty little treat, and I think I was pretty successful. And not to get inappropriate, but my husband actually said it was the "best effin' sandwich ever." 
(He actually said "effin'" because we try to keep it clean around here. And no, he didn't say it front of the dudes. Just need to protect his image while I convey to you the intense goodness of this sandwich.)
And the good news? At least for the likes of me, is that I lightened up so that it's a decent meal without crazy calories. 
Sorry, I get a little long winded and excited about these things. Without further adieu,

Crazy Good Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches
reduced fat blue cheese, reduced fat mayo, sour cream or plain greek yogurt, sriracha, green onion, butter lettuce, thinly sliced deli chicken, and a french baguette.

the recipe:
(serves 2)
1/2 french baguette
1/4 cup reduced fat blue cheese
2 tablespoons sour cream or greek yogurt
2 tablespoons reduced fat mayo
3 green onions, sliced
2 teaspoons sriracha (or according to what your spicy lovin' self can handle)
1/2 pound thinly sliced deli chicken breast

First, prep your sauce: mix together blue cheese, yogurt, mayo, sriracha, and green onions.

Slice your baguette in half, slather with sauce, and layer with several slices of chicken
 and plenty of butter lettuce.

Prepare yourself for dancing taste buds and a big smooch from the one you love.

What's on your menu this week?


  1. My ih my does this all look to die for! Must try the recipes, thanks for sharing :)

    xo Shane

  2. Our menu this week includes chicken alfredo, Chicago Beef sandwiches, soft tacos, a meal at church and left-overs.

    Your menu sounds yummy!

  3. Please come cook for me! Also, turkey burgers are my fav and I WILL try all of these recipes.

  4. Two important things: 1. I'm willing to kill for the looks of that sandwich. 2. LOVE the Salmon recipe, it is the one we use pretty much every time we have salmon. Thanks for the meal inspiration!

  5. my boys would love that sandwich. thanks for sharing the recipe.

  6. ohh geez. My hubby would LOVE this. Blue cheese. he is all over blue cheese. I just might have to make this for him! Ha! Thanks for sharing! It sounds good! All except maybe the blue cheese part lol.