09 May 2012

{thankful} motherhood

Last weekend I celebrated Mother's Day a little early with the ladies in my family.
We went to a fancy high tea at the cutest old house in the little town where they live.

We ate things like this, which was not part of my fitness pal calorie allotment for the day,
but when you're at high tea, are you really not going to eat warm scones with fresh lemon curd? 
(Plus, I did go running that morning, so...)
Aren't these three of the loveliest ladies you ever did see?
That's my aunt, grandma and mama dear.
It was such a charming afternoon with four of my favorite people.
Four ladies who mean the world to me, who have embraced motherhood and all of its beauty, heartache and triumphs.
They have loved their children and given completely of themselves to them, whether it all started over fifty years ago, 
or just last fall.

This week (and always), I am thankful for them. 
Thankful for their support and love as I navigate this road ahead of raising little people.
I am thankful for my mother, who has given her life for us, and will do everything she can in every moment to support us, 
care for us, and love our children.
Last week when I came down with a cold, she offered to come over and help me out.
Next week she is taking the boys for individual sleepovers.
Almost daily each kid asks if they'll get to see her.
They love her so much because she has loved them so much.
She has done endless things for me and given in endless ways,
I couldn't possibly even sum them up here on this little space.
But I am so grateful.
I am grateful that she has shown me what it means to love selflessly,
to give my children all that I am, and to say yes to love even when it's hard.
Thanks, Mama. I love you.


What are you grateful for this week?
I'd love to hear about it!
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Happy Thursday, friends!

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  1. I love you Carina. You bless me every single day, you always have, you always will.

  2. What a lovely place!! High tea is one of my favorites. I am very sad that the tea place we had in town turned into a walk in clinic. Not quite the same!! There's a place north of us though that has these scones that are to die for! Totally don't blame you for eating one! It's worth it! Aw I am liking the photos! What a special time!

  3. to say i love this post is an under statement. both my momma and any grand parents are dead :( cherish these moments while you can. I'd love to do something girly like that!

  4. Such a blessing to have great grandmama's and mama's. Love your photos... and you & your sis are b-ea-utiful, really. Happy early mother's day.

  5. Oh wow. It looks like an amazing time. What a gorgeous place you were at - and what beautiful ladies!!!! :)
    Happy (early) Mommies Day to you all <3

  6. That place looks amazing. What a great place to celebrate the mommas. Nothing better than a tea party for the grown ups. I linked up with you again this week. Thank you for hosting.

  7. Happy mother's day to you this week and all the great mothers in your life! I'm glad you got to relax and celebrate with them! :) xoxo