16 May 2012

{thankful} a list

congratulations, holly lynn! you won yourself a little necklace. lemme know which one you'd like!

I am thankful for oh so many little things this week.
sunshine. it's amazing what it can do for my heart. 
it's been gorgeous for the last couple of weeks and i am not taking that for granted.

it's meant trips to the park and long walks and exploring with my boys.

 it's also meant ample opportunities to run.
and i never thought i would say this in one million years, but i think i am a runner.
i mean, my longest is only 4 miles, but that is a triumph for my lazy you know what.
also, i am five pounds down. holler.
thanks to my pals on my fitness pal, i feel accountable to sticking to this new lifestyle.
plus, their comments make me laugh.
thanks jami and hannah.

thankful for a silent retreat that was exactly what this soul needed.
it was such a blessing, i can't even put it into words. God is good.

grateful for a very happy mother's day with my family and
mason jars full of flowers that are still brightening my everyday. 

i am also thankful for blackberry muffins warm from the oven,
creative inspiration,
maxi skirts,
clean laundry,
good friends,
garden space teeming with potential.

It's been a good week.


What are you thankful for?
Have you seen blessings in the unexpected?
in kindnesses, trials, joys, quiet, projects, rest, friends, strangers?
I want to hear about it!

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  1. I am thankful for 3 little boys, 1 little girl, and their wonderful mothers. I am thankful for my wonderful mom. And, I'm thankful for all the men in our family too, they allow us to have the time to nurture our precious gifts. Love you.

  2. I have recently taken up running...I am in the middle of Couch-2-5K. enjoying it so far, but I am in no means a runner!!! I'm hoping that one day I too can call myself a runner :)

  3. Ok, I think you are wonderful. Love this post. :) Thanks for the great linkup! <3
    Keep up the great job with running!! You go girl!!
    I want some blackberry muffins...please ;)

    Happy Thankful Thursday!! Thanks for linking up!! I'm adding a link back to here right now! ox

  4. ugh... i wish i was a runner... i am doing good if i get out the door for a quick walk every now and again. i ran like a half mile or something the other day, and i can hardly walk today. so.out.of.shape.must.do.more. i have loved reading about your silent retreat... and have decided i NEED one of those. it sounds like it was such a blessing for you! happy thursday carina!

  5. oh, it has been beautiful here too and i have been trying to enjoy it as much as i can. and maxi skirts? i've been dying to sew one up, but it took forever to find some knit fabric i liked, so i ordered some off etsy and they still haven't shipped it yet....what a bummer, it's been almost a week since i bought the stuff!

    send me some running mojo would you? i'm UP about 10 lbs over the last couple of years when i couldn't work out with my sister in law and her personal trainer! you go girl!

  6. Sunshine is so good for the soul. We had a few days of rain but the next few days look like they are going to be nice and sunny; can't wait! I have been paying particular attention the last week or so to the little ways that the Lord speaks to us. In others responses, or in the little things we see that we may not have otherwise noticed. That is a true blessing!

  7. I'm thankful for the weather too, we've been walking every morning before it gets too hot! :)

  8. Thank you so much for hosting! I'm thankful that I found your blog! I'm a new follower and would love you to follow back @ itsjustcalledspicy.blogspot.com

    Jenna :)

  9. you go girl with the running! 5lbs down is AWESOME! Keep at it!

  10. oh, and thanks for linking up!!

  11. awesome list.
    i have finally come to terms with me NOT being a runner. Grandma knees and all, puts an end to my running days.
    hooray for plentiful sunshine!
    also, fitness pal is the jam. you are too, of course. LOVE you xo

    p.s. i want ice cream for dinner.
    thank the lord we don't have any.