23 May 2012

{thankful} another list.

I am going to be honest with you: I was over this week, like on Monday morning.
It is day ten in a row of my husband working ten hours or more a day and I am feeling
a little spent (as is he). Yes, people have it worse off than me, for sure.
But I've still managed to feel sorry for myself here and there.
So thank goodness it's time to get thankful - my mind needed a little shift.

I went into Rite Aid tonight to get some diapers and some ButtPaste. That's a real thing.
I ended up with 4 new shades of nail polish in the process, naturally.
I am thankful for new springy nails and diaper rash relief for a pretty sad little peanut.

Still thankful for MyFitnessPal and all my buddies on there.
Another half a pound down and seriously craving some cheese fries,
but feeling good about progress!

I am so grateful for some amazing ladies who inspired me to start the Soul Detox reading plan on YouVersion (get the app for your phone, or check it out online).
There is a daily discussion on twitter - want to join in? 
Just add #SheReadsTruth to your tweets about whatever touched you that day.
It's been an awesome daily, practical encouragement on getting rid of toxic thoughts.
Especially handy during this crazy week.

Chocolate Dipped Coconut Luna Bars. 
A trip to Lake Placid in October. (holler.)
Coffee and a play date with some buddies tomorrow. That means conversation with actual adults. Amen.


You're up!
What has been good in your week?
I need to hear about it.
Grab a button, link up and go visit some other thankful friends!
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a punk, a pumpkin and a peanut


  1. Oh man Rite Aid is totally one of my weaknesses. It's literally less than a block away!! Can you say convenient?!! lol I have made many a great trip there. I am thinking I should go check out their nail polish colors. I really REALLY need to brighten up my wardrobe and nail polish is such an easy fun way to do so! It's finding that delicate balance between god-awful weird neon and actually pretty bright colors. if that makes sense lol. I love the colors you posted! And Butt Paste. Am I really weird for loving how that stuff smells? LIke ten times better than Desitin! Ha! And works well. They have some stuff for chapped cheeks/faces that works really well too! I think it's called baby kisses or something. So on cravings: we also have DQ RIGHT across the street. How unfair is that?! Those blizzards.. dang it...!! Looking forward to seeing you in a week or so?! (meetup!!)

  2. What colors did you end up with? :) Yay for springy nail polish!
    Choc coconut bars - I wrote about kashi ones....too funny! :)
    YouVersion is fabulous - I'll have to look for the soul detox!!
    Enjoy your coffee daye today :)Thanks for the great linkup...happy Thankful Thursday! ox

  3. I love nail polish, but I'm not as adventurous with colors as my daughter is. This is a fun list to be thankful for!! Thanks for sharing it.

  4. I love the nail polish! Daughter and I counted (she's 4) that we have 24 crazy colors just the other day.

  5. Thank you for the reminder to be thankful! A few things on my list...
    People who care enough about my family to put on a benefit for them when they are in need.
    My little blue pixie espresso machine.
    Eddy's return last night from a business trip.

  6. girl, praise jesus for social media bible study. soul detox is amazing.

    love those polishes, too xo

  7. Now you should share your painted nails so we can see what fun colors you got! I have a problem when it comes to nail polish, can't. stop. buying. it. Congrats on your half a pound! Losing weight is so hard, hang in there! Thanks for the linkup!

  8. Ha ha ha, I remember butt paste. glad to hear your peanuts butt is on the mend :) thanks for hosting the link up.

  9. The word butt paste just cracks me up. I'm not a momma yet so I'm sure one day I'll be buying some lol

  10. Oh yeah and thanks for linking up :)

  11. First time linking up! I joined the #shereadstruth a few days ago and am loving it. Glad I found you!