29 May 2012

projects on the brain

I have a to do list about 43 feet long. In my brain. 
(I should probably get it on paper.)
My husband tilled up our yard a couple of weeks ago and we have slowly been prepping the ground for our grand plans.
We live on a third of an acre so there is a lot to do...
and we have three kids, school, soccer, and soon t-ball. 
I also have laundry, hair appointments, etsy projects and a basement to organize.
Back to that to do list.

Source: blogs.babble.com
I have purchased the paint for our stairwell and upstairs, and love this vision
for a little gallery wall along the way. 

via Carina on Pinterest

I found the perfect frame at Goodwill to recreate this in my dining room with some
of our favorite instagram photos. Now that we've retrieved the matchbox car jammed
inside our printer, I can make this happen.

Source: sunset.com

We want the yard to seem pretty rustic (read low maintenance), and I dream of
a little cobblestone path weaving through wildflowers and fruit trees.
(this yard may take our whole life.) 

Source: bit.ly 

Somewhere along the way, you'd find this sweet little bench to rest and read and sip your coffee.

I also have babies on the brain, like major. 
I pray all the livelong day for a sweet baby to make its way into this little family. 
I know God has it all under control, so I am also praying for my heart to be patient. 
BUT I am seriously itching to start on the nursery.
Do I get going and keep it neutral? Do I wait until I know the gender?
Good thing I have at least 42 other things to do first.

Seems as though we will have a full and busy summer! 
Especially when you add in swim lessons, summer camp
and family trips.

What project do you have on your radar this season?


  1. I have a host of things on my brain too. It's like the plague up in there.

    Your list is fun!

  2. i have SO many projects in my brain right now.
    we're painting the house (exterior) ourselves this summer (cuz we be broke)
    redoing a guest bedroom
    ripping the carpet up from my master bedroom + staining the floor beneath.
    the backyard needs some major love. (and yes rustic, low maintenance is a must.)

  3. first- can i come over? second- i have so many projects on the brain too (read: nesting) but right now im finishing up a red hutch, then bringing some color in the living room via framed mirror and throw pillows (and maybe the hutch), then finishing up the kitchen... hopefully ill be done by the time we know what the baby is then i'll start on switching the tv room and jacob's room so ill have to decorate the shared bedroom and redecorate the new tv room... so basically my whole house.

  4. I'm with you! so many projects, so little time!
    the kids are headed to the beach with my inlaws tomorrow until Saturday! hoping to cross a couple off my list!!

  5. I really like what you chose to do with your IG photos. I have been pinning ideas for this purpose for a while now, but we don't have much wall space so I get the chance to be creative. I have all the ideas but it's one of those things like you say on my forever long list. Blasted LIST!

  6. I have to reorganize my toddler's room to include a new baby!

    I love that bench, and the cobblestone path. I wish my backyard had those things!!