23 May 2012


I am turning 30-something-ish and I want to celebrate!
Everyday one or all of my boys says something like this,
"Hey Mama, guess what?"
"Isssss ahmost yuh birfdaaaaaay!"
It's still a couple of weeks away, but I'm glad they're excited!

So now the question is: do you want to party with me?
I would love to do a big birthday giveaway on the ol' blog for you awesome folks.
Do you have a blog or shop you'd like to promote with a little birthday highlight?
I'm not charging for sponsorship yet,
but if you'd like to join in a giveaway, email me for details.
punkpumpkinpeanut {at} gmail {dot} com

You could giveaway an item from your shop,
a month worth of ad space on your blog,
a shop credit,
a gift card,
a sweet little handmade something for one of your fun crafternoons at home?

The giveaway will also include photos and a highlight of your awesomeness. 
I'd love to have you!


  1. I must know when your birthday is...mine is on the 14th. :)

  2. count me in! i'd love to giveaway something in honor of YOU xoxox

  3. im in. ill email you to tell you what exactly when i figure it out.