22 May 2012

a day to play: taking a time out with your kids

I've seen some great ideas on pinterest lately about engaging your kids in fun activities
to spend time together and get them away from the TV.
It's been an inspiration, and it got me thinking.
What if, one day every week or so, all we did was kid stuff?
Forget the laundry and dishes (twist your arm, right?), put away the smart phone, iPad, 
lap top, turn off the television, and tune in to our kids.
Not just tune in, but really make the day fun and all about them.
I am talking on the cheap here, people, because truth is, they love the little things just as much, 
if not more, than the big stuff.

Case in point: the whole four days we were in California for Disneyland, all Lute wanted to do was go to IHOP. 
We were at Disneyland.

It's amazing the difference it makes in my kids demeanor if I don't have my phone or computer in front of my face. The world will not fall apart if I don't check my twitter, facebook, pinterest and instagram feed for the day (ok, well maybe during nap time). 
And really, what am I going to miss? 

So, we're going to try it. Weekly PlayDays. 
The kids can choose what they want for food (within reason). 
They can maybe even help me cook. (check back with me after the first week.)
We'll color and paint and play with playdoh.
Take trips to the park, play in the yard, walk the neighborhood.
We'll build forts, read stories and take extra long bubble baths (likely immediately following the painting).
There may be dance parties and truck races and soccer matches and sandcastle building.
And, we'll probably eat donuts.

The main thing is, I am going to engage them on their level for more than fifteen minutes at a time,
and let go of all the stuff I think I need to fill my day. 
The floors can be swept later, the laundry done tomorrow.
I've got three little dudes who just want to play with their mama.
I'll take that while I can get it.


  1. What a good idea! I may have to try it soon. I've been cutting back on my girl's TV time, but I need to cut back on my computer time, especially while she's awake.

  2. great plan, careen...love it!

  3. this is a great plan, carina. they are so little for so little. im trying to do the same with jake. please keep us updated on your progress :)

  4. This is SO good! I will definitely be doing this.

  5. You are reading my mind girl!

  6. THEY ARE SO CUTE. oh my gosh. seriously, those are the cutest kids i have ever seen.

    love the blog so much! keep it up girl! i look forward to reading more. :)

    love, rach.

  7. You are a rock star! I love this and I'm doing it. Possibly minus the sand castle building, that's Hubby's job ;)

  8. I want to come to the party!

  9. Your boys are so cute! They look like a lot of fun :) enjoy play time!

    Liz Sugihara

  10. God must be speaking to our sister hearts!! I am taking THIS day, TODAY, as my "play day"! The girls are napping right now,w hich is the only reason Im on my computer...and it must be the Lord bc the first blog I opened to read was yours, and this post!! Its been stirring in my heart to have one whole day, Wednesdays when A is not in MDO, to no nothing but play, and have fun no cleaning, no cooking, no checking my phone a thousand times for no reason at all. You may have even seen my tweet last night that today was a no phone/no comp day so Id be back on Thursday. (wellI cheated for myself a little during naptime, but here I am)...I told my hubbs this morning that I would keep my ringer on loud in case of emergency, but that I would not be checking it at all and wold be phone free all day. and I have to say: it has been the BEST day!! we have had the best time playing in a long time, with really focused, undivided time with each other, playing outside, going to the park, having a picnic on my bed, etc!! ANYWHO..longest comment ever sorry. HA. I just got fired up, can you tell?? I guess Im just saying all this to say: right on sista! And God totally used this post to confirm to me that I need to be doing this!!! LOVE YOU!! october. :)

  11. LOVE this idea!!!! Right now, I am temporarily working until they are able to find someone full time to replace me (since I am expecting and have maternity leave) but once I am done I am SO doing this (or, maybe I'll pick a weekend day to do it!) I love the thought of spending the whole entire day just with our loveable son. I mean, I'm always thinking, "Man! We need to spend more time with him!" It would totally take work on my part because wow. Confession? I LOVE to be connected. I feel like I need that. But in all honesty, what's one day away from it? Good post. And, I am LOVING the picture! :)

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