17 April 2012

what i wore: one outfit, two ways

when we left for church on sunday, it was drizzly and chilly.
so despite the warm weather we'd had all week, i pulled on my favorite boots.
they've seen better days. i am in denial that i'll probably need a new pair this fall.
i may have colored the toes in a time or two. 

but then after church, glory be, the heavens opened and the sun was shining.
it was a gorgeous sunday afternoon and boots were no longer welcome.

it was time to pull the hair back and bring out these new beauties that i'd been waiting to wear. i love these wedges. love
and bonus that they were only $19.
it's hard to see, but nick got me this lovely locket for our anniversary.
kind of floored me because he went on his own to etsy and picked it out,
figured out the gift for the seventh anniversary is copper, and chose this:
he's a keeper, i tell ya.

dress: target   leggings and shoes: old navy
earrings: much love, illy

bring on the sunshine!
what is your favorite thing to pull out for spring?

pleated poppy
and at the letter 4


  1. you are so cute.

    so is your hubs. LOVE the locket!

  2. the shoes are completely awesome. but YOU are a stunner, girl!
    the locket is perfect, what a sweet gift. love you!!

  3. That locket is amazing! I'm so glad I'm not the only one who colors my shoes, and why is your eyeliner so perfect?!

  4. I love those shoes! I almost got a pair!

  5. LOVE those green wedges - so cute! and thank you for the sweet shout-out. you rocked their earrings fabulously!

  6. i color the toes of my black shoes too when i'm not ready to give them up yet. no shame, sister! and old navy has the BEST deals on shoes right now! :)

  7. Love the green shoes!! So cute! And that dress! I need more pretty spring dresses like that!

  8. I love days when I have an excuse to change up my outfit mid-day. Love the green wedges!

  9. the green shoes are amazing!!

  10. Love the green wedges! I'm your newest follower and would love for you to return the favor and stop by my blog :)


  11. love the dress and the way you remixed it!! :)
    visiting from The Pleated Poppy :)


  12. Very pretty! The green wedges are great.

  13. loooove the boots with that dress, the wedges are such a great color!